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This is a hard game, and I challenge you to finish this game upto level 22, consecutively. You'll find a code after the end, and comment it, and you'll get a 125 point medal, once I find a way to add those. This game is in Beta stages and more levels will be added soon. Tutorials can be made is wanted. AD controls and W to jump. Play the hardcore game here:- https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/706665?updated=1518553084

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Probably spent more time on this game than any other game on newgrounds! I really enjoyed the puzzles and you actually had to think your movements through. Each level is like a continuation from the last which makes the game almost feel like an abstract story. The only thing I would change is adding new things on each level that make the player say "wow" because it kinda gets repetitive.

stephenjalex responds:

Thanks for your feedback. Apparently, I cant add new things on every level, cuz im not a very creative guy. But every level has a different type of gameplay, and same game materials last for only like 2-3 levels. I'll try adding new stuff every level. Anyway, thanks!

Since you're using spacebar to jump instead of W, I think there should at least be an option to use the arrow keys instead of A and D. Or the option to use W to jump. Otherwise, it's a bit awkward for me but that's just a personal preference.

On that note, I wish I could restart on my one, instead of having to kill myself and then wait. The lack of menu options irks me a bit. Like going back to a previous level and restart the level, things like that (along with different controls in settings).

The wall jump is extremely glitchy. Sometimes I'm not even pressing any key and I appear on top of a block as if I jumped. Or maybe the colliders are off? Either way, it's not working properly.

It's not extremely difficult but the controls made it odd to play. I also feel like I've played something similar a thousand times before so it's not particularly interesting to me. I like the simplistic look though. Maybe I'll come back if there are updates.

stephenjalex responds:

Hey yBBstraw, I kinda like your idea of going to previous levels and stuff. I will try to make a new update regarding that. And, the glitchy walls are the base of the challenge. Glitch makes it harder. Its all working properly, as it was intended. "W" will be made the jump button in the next update. Restart buttons will also be added. Thanks for your feedback, as it helps.


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2.49 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2018
4:02 PM EST
Puzzles - Other