Pimp Clicker v.1.0

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Pimp Clicker - is an adult adventure, in which you pimping hot girls, satisfy your clients, get gold from them. Spend that gold on hiring new girls, increase their level, customize their appearance, unlock unique abilities and much more.


I really appreciate the new type of approach to adult game. A good game.
There are some things you should fix but they are already written by others, so, I`ll skip it.

But I seriously wonder where those girls from. Some are just from real world but most are not I think.

its not letting me start the game I'm clicking start but nothing's happening

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How do I bring up my saved game?

very good game but it shows that its not finished.

heres some things that should be corrected:
#1 seems that midas cock lowers your gold income instead of doubling it, i would check your math equation on that and do some in game testing.
#2 things should be explained better. It seems that lighting strike and coin flip both have an invisible cap on how much combo you can convert. I dont know this for sure, because it doesn't even say how much is converted at what rate but i suspect it because 100 combo gives roughly the same as 1000 combo.
#3 you should show what damage a champ will have on its next level. when im about to buy 100x levels, it should show what their damage output will be if purchased (in parentheses)
#4 bosses should be multi cock shouldn't they? seems once you BEAT a boss, the NEXT scene only is multi cock or double penetration.

what i would like to see:
#1 cum scenes, duh. honestly cant believe you skipped that.
#2 customization character as starter, maybe even unlock several of them.
#3 maybe a store where you can buy customization items with boss tokens, you get one token after beating a boss for the first time.
#4 cum scenes
#5 futa? (at least customization that way, maybe a cosmetic item)
#6 little chart of showing how much time it takes to kill one monster while afk, how much gold they drop, and gold per second to choose the best world to afk before i close the window or use all my boosts.
#7 smaller boobs, ridiculously huge boobs on some, even a flat chest on at least one. Just to give more variety, players who dont like thoes particular sizes or futa can always turn thoes champs off on visuals.
#8 cum shots

well thats my two cents. im sure ill have even more recommendations on the next one. cum shots should pretty much be a priority i think.

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A changelog would help understanding what is new

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2.49 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2018
12:38 PM EST