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Road Of Fury 3: Desert Strike

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Author Comments

Join Rass in an important mission for the Corp. Fight against the Horsemen gang that rule the wasteland and defeat their boss Duke Mo. The Corp doesn't have spare funds at the moment, but they pay for each enemy you kill. Hire drivers and upgrade your gear. Road of Fury Desert Strike is the new Road of Fury and more furious than ever before!..

=== Update (ver. 1.0.6): ===
- XP removed completely
- Endless Shield combo eliminated – Shield now affects one car only
- Incorrect sell price fixed
- Hit sound volume reduced
- Slight balance improvements
- Bug fixes


I tried to upload the game but no game loaded instead I hat the following symbols & letters:

�uTMs�0=�_��b��6fj�a��v������ʒ�d'��������$+��i��['}u���u{ �o�r��J� g�YH�(�3�OޠP��:��u�J>�l����M�w'{�vI'��4��r��Aa�GM@�� �)R�9�%n[c��XK/�J\!�wh�N6]sNt��Ԇk�W[�o�Jz����e�E�Ɋ:Y�&-�I��h�r�XZ5���^(Y O�����Vl�^\�Zi�Mo��A�Q/���#J���sg��>���X6�)�3XT�9�W�jD��Xq&Y�¹L�mJ��߷$�ǝ��Q��f�kS�)��Yrv�ƖyF��E�в�7�Ro M��%�J��}��rWX��)�{ы1{���64����F����TH��{�.'"d�]-��F�@��X,�5yH,����E �,}cg��P�vA�֢x�ß������]C�J�4� �.�F����p)���{+םG��ED�ix�ǞGǎ�� ʘ��8�9GSRc����8�xZ�xS�媖��ݡ��(�Y��G�% Mį趩6�x�8Oٜ�G�p8�%����œ=\����a�<�|V�=�k�BxQn��_�>��8�B��^�Y�Ӟ���r/��

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It really helps that I was sick as a dog when playing this because I didn't mind grinding since I can't really doing anything else. I did like the different enemies, and this would have been a good paced game if:

1.) as a lot of people mentioned, having an experience and money factor makes the game start really slow, and the player may lose interest.
2.) once you buy multiple cars and level up a few things, the game is over in a few moments.
3.) you need to change the recharge time on invincibility since you truly become invincible when all three cars have it upgraded at least once.
4.) to that point, the rocket launcher car really doesn't really do anything special, but having two machine gun cars and one plasma car is too powerful.

I love games like this, and I did enjoy the enemy mechanics and how many different enemies there were, but I feel as though games like this should take around 30-40 minutes to beat or else you risk the player losing interest. I thoroughly enjoyed it though; I would just hope you would make some tweaks if you ever make a sequel.

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I was getting frustrated until i read the comment by "bloodred".Once you figure out, it just becomes a chore.

Buy 2 red cars and one truck.
Take 'invincibility' on all 3 . Pop it up timely(need to upgrade for shorter recharge)
Upgrade rail gun on cars to penetrating wave and plasma on truck to laser.
Point the mouse anywhere you like and just pop-up armour on time to win.

Experience system really limits the fun.I have to stick with the car choice.I like to use rocket launcher car but since all my other vehicles are top-graded I won't sell them.No time to grind mindlessly.

Had fun for an hour.But this game needs a lot of balancing.

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Lot of grinding to level up, but still amusing. Final boss was slightly disappointing, and could have used an additional level to each of the upgrades, but I still enjoyed myself.

Could've been better. Experience system is a bother, preventing player from experimenting with cars and equipment.

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Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2018
4:13 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight