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PART 2 is out!! Play the Hentai Ending: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/725096

Playing as Tomoko to experience a whole new Dating Adventure! A new Visual Novel game made by SimMan for both old and new fans.

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The walkthrough:

P.S. Clear browser memories will also erase the saves. I don't come here too often, if you want to see my latest updates or get a hold of me go here:

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hey! i am not able to put in cheat codes .how to put cheat codes .i have started playing right now

f, got the bad ending. i will get the good ending though!

Oh boy, okay. The original was one of the first adult Flash games I played (when I was definitely 18+), and for the time it was a fantastic game. The controls and gameplay were always a bit wonky, but for 2002 it was a top quality flash game and had a certain charm to it. Or at least I felt it did when I was eigh--teen. Eighteen.

This felt like someone started a sequel back in 2003, came back to it 16 years later, glanced over the design notes and concept art, and then opted to keep literally everything exactly as it was originally planned. It does not age well. The controls and design feel like what you would expect from a slightly skilled amateur, not a seasoned vet, and don't even get me started on the main man. It's like reading an anime parody. Gary Stu does not even begin to describe this man, he serves only as an extremely egregious example of a self-insert and living vicariously through ones' character.

My only explanation for anyone here voting this higher than a 3 in 2018 and beyond is that they're seeing it through the deepest hue of rose tinted glasses. The result of nostalgic sympathy, and nothing more.

DNA^2. i luv it
EDIT: There's a glitch i guess around day 9 where if you bring ami with you to the library it will give you 1752 int and you will enter the bonus game where you gonna get tips but it will remain stuck like that with no way out.

Played by 2.5 people
1-cancer but worth 5 hours
2-found potentially game breaking exploits (something to do with working (at max stat) and spending money at spa AND REPEAT :O :O :O !)
3-The answers to teh questions (could be in wrong order) are: lovemore, tomoru, rosebery, sirena,
4-Underground cheat code (press w at cafe waitress job): name
5-Bit of an underwhelming endiNG :((((
6 -(Ps in sss ending she puts on alien suit and kills cosplay cri :c also super baby make c:?1!)