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My first ever film!! Youtube; https://youtu.be/JSZJYRdEm6E

Hello guys, I've been working towards my BA honours degree in animation in BCFE, Dublin. So I made this little advert as part of one of our assignments. Our brief was to advertise something real, imaginary or conceptual within a time limit of 30 seconds. It was created with TVPaint, Photoshop and After Effects.

I really wanted to challenge myself with this assignment. I was way out of my comfort zone with a lot of it from beginning to end, especially some of the animation. The fact it was a solo project meant it was an absolute ton of work and took a long time to make.

This is what I handed up for the assignment but i'll be making it into a longer version and maybe add another scene and more effects when I have time as it's probably too fast at times. I had to try and fit it to 30 seconds so unfortunately had to speed some things up.

Thanks to Ciaran Birch for composing the track, he's an amazing composer and I was lucky to have him put together a track. You can check out his work here http://www.ciaranbirch.com/

Any questions feel free to post below!

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Beautiful animation!!

The best advertisement I have seen in a while.

Great little bit of animation, really like the style of art, the grass and clouds look lush and I really like the toy bobbing on the water at the end, nicely animated! Overall there are some great shots composition wise, really like the arch under the sea but I feel sound design has let you down a little. Juat a few things like the choice of bird sound (forest bird song rather than gulls at beach) and the sound as they enter the water, it's not quite wet enough and the bubbling underwater sound you use shortly after as they swim past should also be merged with that impact as they descend. Only other small issue I could see was the frame rate appeared to change for some scenes, they didn't seem quite as smooth? Good bit of storytelling and art style though and really liked the characters.

Such a wonderful, imaginative short... the bright and ambient music in the background really brings you in to his world too! Really smooth work, and then the ending... it seems like a commercial for... a turtle?! The name made it seem like something else, but apart from that little disassociation: the adventure's just fantastic.


Wonderful artstyle and good music for the scene. Gives off a wonderful atmosphere. Sound design could do with a little bit of work and the fact this is suppose to be an advert and you only see the text at the end for like 3 seconds kinda takes away from that but either way I really enjoyed this

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3.99 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2018
4:26 PM EST