Game Over (Harriet).

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I Guess Winning isn't everything.


I will have to say that you really outdid yourself. This is very impressiveon how the animation looks, the lighting, how the frames were not choppy, and the facial expression is just right. I am really loving your work, please dont ever stop.

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CumminHam responds:

Thank you. i do this to improve my craft so chances are i wont stop.

I have to say I love how smooth this video runs and it's really hot and sexy amazing job !!!!

CumminHam responds:

Thanks i appreciate it!

he came so hard in her ass that it came out of her vigina.

CumminHam responds:

Ok xD i mean not exactly. But ok.

Mario is hilariously in a coma lol worth the wait

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CumminHam responds:

Glad ya like it. :)

i gotta admit this was definitely worth the wait i love little shorts like these i can open on my phone for a little "motivation" on the go when i need it two things i think brought the score down

1. i've never been a big fan of sfm characters magically gaining a cock out of nowhere it makes me have to take a second to process it and it breaks my "focus" if you know what i mean it's no terrible crime or anything but it did slightly kill my buzz personally for a few seconds
2. there was a clipping issue with harriets teeth and marios dick ouch and another with her hand but honestly it was hardly damn noticeable

other than that the sfm ran smooth as butter i LOVED the sound and the inserted music the transitioning to different angles was seamless and this last one is probably a personal thing but props for putting in an anal scene not enough sfm makers bother to do that thanks ;)
i look forward to even more of your work with baited breath and unending excitement!

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CumminHam responds:

thank you!

well mario actually had a fly that opened when it pop'd out.XD... but from the angels used it never actually got seen. but i do see what your talking about.
yeah XD i forgot to go in and move her teeth controls up abit... in the view port render her teeth are the same color as her skin and mouth so it all kind of blended together. thus i didn't notice it. i will try and keep an eye on this in the future,

XD well you keep calling it SFM ... but it isnt SFM ... i mean at this point SFM is a buzzword so im fine with you using it. just know my animations are actually made in Blender.

i assume the reason why most people dont do anal is because it really was difficult to get right XD required alot of corrective shape keys in addition to the anus rig.

Thanks again!

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4.06 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2018
2:51 PM EST