Game Over (Harriet).

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I Guess Winning isn't everything.

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Please make more of these.

CumminHam responds:

Working on it as we speak ;)

Looks real good but as you have said to others I can see room for improvement. Word of advice though. Careful on how far out this stuff goes. I knew a Patreon who made AMAZING Zelda Breath of the Wild Videos (looked like it cam right out of the game) and after only 3 videos (Never got to finish 4th) Nintendo of America forced them to shut down Patreon. If you are not in states I guess you have no worry but if you are just be careful.

CumminHam responds:

Thank you! And yeah im aware of sable serviette (the guy who made the zelda animations)
Dont get me wrong i know that at best what im doing is in a legal gray area.
However the situation around sable serviette is a tad bit different to mine... he was using actual models from the game in the height of its popularity. Which could be seen as harmful to nintendo family friendly brand.
While all my models are made by myself and don't hold a candle to the sources quality.
So while i am treading lightly. Im optimistic that i will be ok.
But even so im doing this to improve my animation not to make alot of money.

This is such a good hentai movie. I hope there's more of these in the future. 10 outta 10!

there insane the vagina ans penis where on point for the animation. you got talent and i love it. i cant wait to see more.

CumminHam responds:

Thank you i appreciate it! but im aware there is always room for improvement. i intend to make these as high quality as possible. so i dont mind Harsh criticism.

anyway, next up is a Gardevoir short so keep an eye out for that. should be uploading teaser images in the next couple weeks. and i expect the project will be finished around late April. depending on render times.