What if Mario was kiddy?

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Many of you asked "What is kiddy?"

It's an image that was given to Nintendo and its console systems because of its “supposedly” lack of mature games. Like Sony's Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Dead or Alive.

People look at Nintendo's Pikmin, Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Party 4 as childish, like Barney, Teletubbies and Fisher Price. However, GameCube is getting mature games now adays. Yet there are people that still give Nintendo this kiddy image.

So my flash movie is showing what would happen if Mario was childish in his classic "Defeat Bowser and save the Princess" game style.


hmm....good point.

thats a very good point.
& it was also a very funny demand luigi demanded at the end.

your right...

nintendo is da shiz man, you propally got some abusive to you reveiws, cuz they are from gay ass biches who think nintendo is kiddy, well away from that, great movie!

Very Astute and Valid Point. :D

I'm kind of saddened by what gamers have become. They could be in there 40's yet would still childishly bicker over video game systems. Your flash proves a valid point. I do webcomics that satirize issues and fanboyism is a fun one to spoof. I don't care much what other people have said. Nintendo fans over the past 5 years have always been passive agressive. The XBox and PS2 fans may criticize us but as long as Nintendo has the support by us, they will be around forever. :) And gaybitch, not only is your name offensive, but it's obvious your whole purpose of existing on newgrounds is to cause trouble. I'm going to be reporting you. :)


I didn't really understand this but it was ok

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obvioussly a kiddy is not a cat

i get the whole use of sprites and all but...kiddy?
this is an average film it had a good scene in there.
u shuld make this a series.
i can see it getting better use some one eles thats originol like kirby, or link.

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Nov 25, 2002
2:09 PM EST
Comedy - Parody