Robin Raid episode 1

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Hail friends and foes alike, and welcome to the first episode of the Robin Raid animated series. Through 9 hours of careful editing (note: 3 of those were just re-creating 3 hours worth of work when it crashed, and another 2 were spent waiting for the file to export)

Judging by the success and relative popularity of the animated intro sequence and the ending fight animation on my other account, I've created this first episode to herald the coming of future installments.

but first, a few clarifications. This is the pornless version, fit for here and youtube, and generally safe for work.
It is indeed the sugar gem heist, recut into a single seamless narrative, for the full version with tits included, check that out.

I don't intend on stopping making the quest series, quite the opposite. That will continue to be my main body of work, but much like how wholesome quest was a run off of slut quest so it could be enjoyed in a SFW environment, consider this cartoon to be much of the game

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