ZS Dead Detective - A cat's chance in hell

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Zombies have conquered the planet – but you already know that.

What you don’t know – yet – is that the best zombie thief in the world, the Nine Deaths Cat, is back with a bang.

She’s committed an atrocius crime, and the whole police department is after her.
Including our undead detective, Margh, and his partner, Ghvnn.

Will they finally be able to catch her..?


i got all the medals but i cant get the secret medal can you give me a little hint on how to get the medal. also your game was awesome

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your nice review!
If you need help, check the walkthrough (you'll find it in the options panel)

Really fun and the storyline was awesome. Had fun playing it multiple times to get the good ending. (Good thing Ghvnn's so good at kicking sides.) Looking forward to the next installment of ZS.. maybe it'll delve more into Margh's addiction from the past..... who knows!!

Muja responds:

Once again, thank you for your nice review, I'm really glad you're having fun.
As for the next installment... it's online right now, here on Newgrounds! It's titled "a curse in disguise"... check my profile ;)

God damn this was a hard one! It was a good challenge with multiple endings and deductions. I had to YouTube the walkthrough because I kept getting the deductions wrong lol. That's the sign of a good game and good writing. A job well done! =D

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, I'm really glad you had so much fun :)

Another fun installment of Zombie Society from Muja - ZS being best adventure/detective game series on Newgrounds there is.

The characters and the setting of Zombie society is nice as always. I like how in this episode the past cases and characters intersect to move the plot closer to some grand conspiracy.

This particular game has one flaw trough - when we get our first human pretending to be a zombie introduced (the Mayor) he wars a green mask above his human skin colored face. The problem is that the Captain appears doing the same although he isn't. So the player is deceived for no reason into thinking that captain is a human too. The clues about him dropping smoking and caring about his health also add to the suspicion that he is a human and not a zombie. So throughout the game I thought that the captain has another secret - that he is a human. This confused me and it was hard to conceive how he could be a human and Nine-Death Cat in the same time, because if NDC disguised as him and get rid of the real captain she should know about him being a human. In the end it appears that he was just a zombie. So it was a really unsuccessful art work on his face. I take away half a point for this from what would otherwise be a flawless and great game.

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Muja responds:

... Ooops! I'm sorry my reply is this late, I must have skipped this review for some reason..!

I'm really sorry about the misunderstanding, too... the Captain isn't really wearing any mask, he's a zombie 100%. I apologise if his design confused you.

But I'm glad you liked this episode, thank you a lot for your very nice review and your constructive criticism, I greatly appreciate it!

As always another job well done! I am so in love with your games LOVE IT

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Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your support!

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4.21 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2018
12:09 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click