Packets, Please!

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With the repeal of net neutrality rules you are the new big data, data throttler. Not all data is equal. Do your job and follow the company policy!

Read company emails to get the latest policy changes. Throttle, boost, or disconnect customers in accordance with the current rules.

Try not to get fired!

Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018. The theme was "Transmission".

Cosmic Adventure Squad

Gameplay Code - Vu Ha (@stregawolf)
Artist - Rose Peng (@ouroborose)
System Design & Code - Ted DiNola (@esdin)
Code & Testing - Jordan Cazamias
Audio - Niko Korolog
Character Artist - Chris Palacios
Intern - Andrew Lee (@alee12131415)


i takes some ability of memory skills which is a fun challenge, i'm not to spoil the game but net neutrality kind of dies

It's sad that this is probably gonna be true. The game play is very good. I think it has a good interface, everything is reachable to the eye, which allows quick thinking. I wish I could read the emails you get during the game at the end of the day, but all of your emails get deleted, but that's not a serious problem, so I can let it slide. I like having Newgrounds games not in fullscreen, I'm more used to it, so I'd appreciate it if you could make the amount of screen size used smaller, that would be nice. No other Pros or Cons.

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Voted 5 but this game is a total chore to play, even just for 2 minutes .
Only redeeming quality is the artstyle

Oh god, it's Papers Please all over again. Love it!

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Loved the game and the plot of it. I would give it 5 star's but one thing is still giving me trouble on this. The game of change it give's you to either boost their network or slow it down. If it is on my end and i didn't read the controls properly i would change the rating

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3.93 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2018
3:27 AM EST
Simulation - Other