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With the repeal of net neutrality rules you are the new big data, data throttler. Not all data is equal. Do your job and follow the company policy!

Read company emails to get the latest policy changes. Throttle, boost, or disconnect customers in accordance with the current rules.

Try not to get fired!

Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018. The theme was "Transmission".

Cosmic Adventure Squad

Gameplay Code - Vu Ha (@stregawolf)
Artist - Rose Peng (@ouroborose)
System Design & Code - Ted DiNola (@esdin)
Code & Testing - Jordan Cazamias
Audio - Niko Korolog
Character Artist - Chris Palacios
Intern - Andrew Lee (@alee12131415)

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It is nice game which has a lot of opportunity,.

But I feel like it is unfinished. It become repetitive after a week and nothing exciting come afterward.

I like to see World change depend on Player action.. like in Politic, International Relation, Economy and Celebrity,

It's really well made,and the music is good,but it gets repetitive after some time. Spice it up.

Very well made game, I enjoyed it very much, couldve used a bit more gameplay, but understanding that time was limited it was a great effort, the game could be updated or even just tweaked to add more custom events, and a few more references like the Donald Trump one. All in all, very fun game, it deserved its four and a half stars.

This game is really great! I had a lot of fun playing it. The music was great, the animals facial expressions were nice :) Only thing is i was a little confused on what the notes were telling me, i wasn't exactly sure what to do on day 5-6 and i died on 7. Maybe you could make it a bit clearer on should i boost,disconnect or Throttle certain programs. That's just my experience. Despite that I loved the game and its really well done, Good job! 5/5

Great game, really makes you check everything and be really perceptive.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2018
3:27 AM EST
Simulation - Other