Humanoid Space Race 2

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Control Options 5 Points

Take a look at some of the different control options

5 Perks 10 Points

Earn 5 perks

Boss 1 10 Points

Beat the first boss

Boss 2 10 Points

Beat the second boss

Flawless collector 10 Points

Earn 5 Flawless Stars (must be on Normal difficulty or higher)

10 perks 25 Points

Earn 10 perks

Boss 3 25 Points

Beat the third boss

Boss 4 25 Points

Beat the forth boss

Boss 5 50 Points

Beat the fifth Boss

Flawless Humanoid 50 Points

Earn 20 Flawless Stars (must be on Normal difficulty or higher)

Hardcore challenge! 100 Points

Flawless the final bonus stage on Hardcore difficulty

Ultimate Humanoid 100 Points

Earn all perks

Author Comments

Controls are explained in the tutorial. There are 4 different control options that can be accessed in the options menu by pressing "P" to pause the game OR you can go to the option menu while in the HUB world.

Thank you so much to the amazing Nikki Quemado who works so closely with me on my games and makes them come to life with art and sound.

Thank you also to my brother, Brett Wright and Charles Handy for their friendship, support, and play-testing!

And another huge thanks to my friend Domo for his extensive play testing and game dev comradery. He makes some cool game too! Check out his hit game Castle Woodwarf!



This game is amazing! There is a huge amount of content here with a fun challenge. I am having a great time getting flawless stars and the graphics and music are really good.

I have not run into any lag at all, it's been butter smooth for me.... Now... back to blasting :)

This one offers more weapons, flexibility and difficulty variety which I find more interesting about a game. I wish there were more surprising AI behavior but anyway I have to give this one an excellent!

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Two reasons why this is worse than the first installment:
1. The up-down movement. Really, I think we had enough games using the flappy-style movement. For me it is always -1star.
2. The lag. I noticed your information, so you are aware of the fact that the game causes excessive lag. I am satisfied with the power of my computer, but with this game you just went too far. Why?
- yes, no animated ads are active;
- yes, I am using Firefox;
- yes, I closed all other programs;
- yes, I turned the sfx off
but the lag still exists and sometimes the game even becomes unresponsive. The reason: too many effects, too many projectiles on the screen to handle.

Another great game, very smooth gameplay and fun to play. I like the special weapons and design of the game. Awesome job!

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Just a tad bit harder then the original but very fun.

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Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2018
2:05 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight