Gods Of Arena: Battles

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**** Update:

- Leagues are now dynamic. You can qualify for the next league even if there are only 2 players
- Leagues start each 30 minutes automatically and last 30 minutes
- The balance is (significantly) tweaked
- A couple of bugs fixed


Build your team of gladiators, buy weapons and armors, use your own style and fight against the other players!

This game is asynchronous PVP multiplayer, so please login/register to fight against others. Offline mode provides a quick demo of the gameplay, but you can't access Coliseum, so your progress is limited.

This is us or them! No mercy!


Its like kitty force but with humans instead of cute little badass kittens

Did i just lost the Tutorial fight? well, sorry, but i dont know what to say or how to react, i have played the Singleplayer version and it was good but this..

IriySoft responds:

We are still working on the game. so there will be updates. Please post suggestions - it may help us improve it,

I'm sorry, but I couldn't get into this. It's mostly because I'm bad at it. There was too little interactivity. I mean, I just clicked stuff and the game played itself. That's not always a good thing. Still, I guess the graphics were good.

You can call them graphics, right? That seems to make sense. I liked the music. I'm just more used to involvement in a game. At least it looked nice.

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IriySoft responds:

Hey! Please check Gods Of Arena (without "Battles") - it's single player and has some story, so probably you'll like it more :)

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3.36 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2018
7:32 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS