Don't want to be an Eye Raper

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Author Comments

Control :
1. Click and drag mouse anywhere on Desktop.
2. Touch and Drage anywhere on mobile.

Objective :
Go as far as you can without male gazing.
I mean you are not allowed to look at ladies any longer than 0.2sec.

Score :
1. The distance that you've traveled.
2. Coins on the Street.

Update (31. Jan) :
1. Medals and Leaderboards now working!
2. More description in Guide screen.

...It's a hard time for you walking down the street without proper training that this game can offer.

Click anywhere and Drag mouse to control your eyesight to go home without any shameful incident. That is, Don't look any ladies too long because they will feel offended. But you can brush across them of Course. Oh, And Don't forget to pick some coins and hearts, they are precious things in real life too.


This is the future.

Thanks to your game, now I have learned to gaze rape women without getting caught, but it feels kinda weird when someone notices my eyeballs are circling around indefinitely.

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A nice representation on how absurd people that get triggered by dumb shit like this are.
The controls however are a bit wonky, the fact that you need to keep clicked and move instead of the gaze just following the cursor is a bit annoying.
The red line too is a bit misleading, at first I thought I couldn't even look in the same direction of a woman as opposed of just the white circle being the only focus.
Regardless, nice game, nice jab at those that get offended by literally anything.

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supervanz responds:

Yes, I agree about the control quality. I will focus on more reliable control next time. Couldn't notice that point about red line So Thank you for letting me know that.

The best part about the game is deliberately 'losing'.

Pretty fun game!
It would be cool if the grace period before you lost a life was bigger at the start of the game and got gradually smaller the more you progress

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I like the idea, but the timing is way too quick. Sometimes, just trying to move the mouse will lose a heart. I get that changing this would effect the entire game, but something like 0.5 seconds would be better.

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3.66 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2018
5:00 AM EST
Skill - Avoid