Furry Waifu Simulator V2

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Alright fams, enjoy the game, please let me know if there's any problems, I'll be sure to fix it.

My page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bobdirt/

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The art is good! I didn't mind the bar bit, I did roll my eyes as she decided to test me on what she had already talked about, but a trope is a trope. I agree with ThugSponge, it got kind of weird once they were out of the bar. Plus, this is a sex game, don't just tap out after the first orgasm, wish fulfillment woo woo

thebobdirt responds:

haha yeah. the game i'm working on atm will not have you tapping out at the first orgasm :P

I liked it until the game made me make a move on her. Then it was just auto-pilot into crazy town with this girl. Not realistic. Even internet trolls know not to advance on a girl so fast. My opinion: create more options for later. Don't force the player's hand to advance the game. Takes them right out of it. Otherwise though a good foundation. Also the art is great.

thebobdirt responds:

Yeah, I pretty much wanted the story to head to crazy town, I guess I just didn't want the plot to be predictable. I also liked the idea of the girl being dominant in the game.
Thanks for the compliment on the art :)

This is the first time I've seen anyone mention the Drunken Peasants outside of their channel or sub. But aside from that, she was cute, but the animations were a little slow, and sometimes it looked a little odd when her head moved. Maybe add animation to the neck or something? I dunno.

thebobdirt responds:

Haha yeah, sucks that the podcast broke up, I am working to improve the animation.

The ending left me disappointed but I really enjoyed the dialogue. My only other complaint is the lack of sound/voice. The art was great, the "waifu" was cute. Overall a good game if u r here for the story instead of the hentai. 4 stars my dood

thebobdirt responds:

Thanks a lot, I'm definitely going to be adding sound to the next game I'm working on.

aside from the flat white lettering on a light pink background (not so easy on the eyes, that; choosing a font with a thin dark outline would fix it), pretty durn gud I'd say

thebobdirt responds:

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for the next one :)