The Big Crunch

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At first there was a Big Bang - and after that came a Big Crunch.

Animation, Music, and Voices by Michael Chandler.

Produced via Patreon by:
Aaron Margolin
Jace Baker
Miles Macmahon


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First visual example I have ever seen for the theory of the big crunch. I like the art style and the long drawn out scenes. Only wish the animation was just a little longer but it was great nonetheless.


I enjoyed the surrealist style, and you had some clever effects in there. The art needs improvement. The sort of mental atmosphere you're creating here is broken a little by the conspicuously cartoonish creatures. Overall, I enjoyed watching this.

i kid you not, it reminded me of some samurai jack episode! usually the one which starts of confusing and then leaves you perplexed by the end, either way awesome stuff :D

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

I love samurai jack so I'll take it as a compliment!

I don't understand it. Interesting style of animation and music though.