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Shield of Protection 5 Points

Place it in front of anything dangerous. It's as simple as that.

Super Sharp Sword 5 Points

Swing it towards your foe. Haven't won yet? Repeat previous step.

Ghost Amulet 10 Points

Makes you invulnerable! But only after you were hurt...

Ring of Speed 10 Points

Allows you to dash because walking is slow and boring.

Glug-Glug-Glug 25 Points

Big Red Potions... There is always not enough of them.

The Goal! 25 Points

Qaug is dead. Are you happy now?

Author Comments

Pixel Day 2018 1st place! Wow, now that's really cool!
Thanks for the frontpage and happy Pixel Day!

V.1.2 change log:
- fixed incorrect room transition bug
- added option to disable autosave between floors
- added minor healing effect on checkpoints and after respawn at the floor entrance if player is low on health
- code optimization

V.1.1 change log:
- increased speed of player, enemies and projectiles by 15-20%
- improved dash ability
- added additional sound effect for stairs
- fixed healing drops stuck inside the walls
- few tiny bug fixes

V.1.0.1 change log:
- revamped shield ability

V.1.0 change log:
- added alternative hints for puzzles (QR code scanning isn't the only way to solve them anymore)
- added multiple languages support
- small bug fixes and balance tweaks

Once upon a time in a distant kingdom far far away...
You're not here to read this crap, am I right?
Let's cut to the chase.
You're a brave knight in a search for loot and fame.
And there is a dangerous dungeon made just for you.
Why are you still reading this?
Onwards to glory! Chop-chop!

This game has a full gamepad support.


Well, it's certainly basic. Nothing above and beyond my expectations. I do have a few small gripes with it, though. First, never... NEVER should the player need a key to access another key. For this reason, the first level puzzle is completely superfluous. Technically speaking, you can bypass it entirely and lose nothing in the long run. (I know I did when I got frustrated by knowing the puzzle solution but not knowing how or where to input it.)

Second, you wanna know how to break the game? Dash horizontally through a door... yeah, that's all. More often than not, a glitch will occur where your position is displaced on the map. You'll appear to move over one screen, but it will put you back into the room you just came from. And if you try to move up or down a floor after the fact, well... more often than not, you'll end up getting yourself stuck in the wall of the "secret" room on Level 2 (the staircase going from floor 2 to 3 is on the left-hand wall, and there's no door on that side in that particular room). Because of this, it's easy to ruin any save file because climbing any set of stairs automatically saves your game. In other words, you're hard-locked and any progress you made can be thrown out.

Third, and somehow this is the most annoying factor to me, is the Ghost Amulet. I expected my character to flicker or go temporarily transparent while invincible, but without keeping a keen eye on the icon in the top right, I have no idea how much longer my invincibility period lasts.

All in all... it was okay. The whole QR code aspect of the puzzle solving was just stupid, both because it essentially allows you to cheat and because there's no easy way to read a QR code from a Flash game... and even then, the hints were vague. It could've been worse, but it left a lot to be desired.

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Wolod responds:

Well, that's a very detailed review. Thanks for pointing out that bug. You depicted it so thoroughly that now it'll be much easier to localize and fix it. Going to fix it soon. Also you complained about Ghost Amulet. Character flashes with white color while invincible. This effect is made by a simple WebGL shader. If you haven't seen it then your browser doesn't support WebGL.

A really good game, but at my first try i couldn't pass the second floor because i used my key on the other door and i couldn't get a second one because of the QR code and the one that i could buy i used on the first floor. Beside that, the game looks great and the music is really nice to hear

Wolod responds:

Glad that you liked the game. Codes contain puzzle solutions, but there is another way to solve them. Alternative hints look like little square holes on the floor. Hints for the first puzzle are located in the bottom room, between QR code room and room with the downstairs. There are 12 blue symbols in the second puzzle, just like the quantity of the rooms on the floor. Some of the rooms on this floor are marked with a hint and some are not. Use these hints and you'll solve it in no time.

why cant i just play this game?? it such a great looking and sounding game, witty and well made, but than there is a QR dynamic that doesn't even work and makes the whole game unplayable . wasted data downloading a QR app and wasted time getting my hopes up . and yes i understand there are 12 tiles and 12 buttons, and tried 37 different things and still nothing. really pulled a skyward sword on this one

Wolod responds:

You should know that codes contain solutions, but there are hints that look like a small square holes on the floor in case if you want to figure out puzzle yourself. Some rooms contain these holes while others not. Light the tiles that have the same position as the rooms with the hints on the floor's map. Now you can solve it in no time.
Also QR codes are completely optional and puzzles as well. You don't need them to complete the game. So your unplayable argument doesn't make sense at all.

I like the concept of your game. Like others said, it HAS potential but needs more work. Also, if you plan on doing another game DONT USE THIS QR CODE THING anymore! I find it unnecessary and it sucks because its a feature that doesnt work for everybody.

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Wolod responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Frankly speaking I was surprised when I heard first complains about the codes. I tested them on 3 absolutely different phones before the release and they worked fine. Well, shit happens sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Great game, could add a little polishing & improvement (in my opinion sfx the most). would this game ever be open source for modding?

Wolod responds:

Thank you. Perhaps I'll share source code after extended edition release. I have to think about it.

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Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2018
9:53 PM EST
Adventure - Other