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Shield of Protection 5 Points

Place it in front of anything dangerous. It's as simple as that.

Super Sharp Sword 5 Points

Swing it towards your foe. Haven't won yet? Repeat previous step.

Ghost Amulet 10 Points

Makes you invulnerable! But only after you were hurt...

Ring of Speed 10 Points

Allows you to dash because walking is slow and boring.

Glug-Glug-Glug 25 Points

Big Red Potions... There is always not enough of them.

The Goal! 25 Points

Qaug is dead. Are you happy now?

Author Comments

This game has a sequel now!
Free demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/734316
Full version: https://store.steampowered.com/app/922710/Knightin/
Pixel Day 2018 1st place! Wow, now that's really cool!
Thanks for the frontpage and happy Pixel Day!

V.1.3 change log:
- added mouse support;
- added fullscreen mode for browser version;
- added funnel effect to doors;
- added animated description of the amulet in shop and decreased its price;
- added additional exit to the key room on the second floor;
- active room is now highlighted on minimap;
- slightly increased gold drop chance;
- few minor level design tweaks and UI improvements.

V.1.2 change log:
- fixed incorrect room transition bug
- added option to disable autosave between floors
- added minor healing effect on checkpoints and after respawn at the floor entrance if player is low on health
- code optimization

V.1.1 change log:
- increased speed of player, enemies and projectiles by 15-20%
- improved dash ability
- added additional sound effect for stairs
- fixed healing drops stuck inside the walls
- few tiny bug fixes

V.1.0.1 change log:
- revamped shield ability

V.1.0 change log:
- added alternative hints for puzzles (QR code scanning isn't the only way to solve them anymore)
- added multiple languages support
- small bug fixes and balance tweaks

Once upon a time in a distant kingdom far far away...
You're not here to read this crap, am I right?
Let's cut to the chase.
You're a brave knight in a search for loot and fame.
And there is a dangerous dungeon made just for you.
Why are you still reading this?
Onwards to glory! Chop-chop!

This game has a full gamepad support.

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I got on the second floor and I need a key if you can help me with a puzzle tip (the room that the tip is, etc ...) I accept.
I realized that it has to do with the number of rooms

Wolod responds:

Each button resembles a room on the floor 2. Some rooms have a little hole on the floor in the middle (or near the middle). Corresponding buttons have to be activated.

so i got to that first puzzle with the QR code. minus a star.

then the second puzzle with the grid of light pads. there was literally NO clue in the room for solving that puzzle. minus another star.

Wolod responds:

QR codes contain solutions, you can solve puzzles without scanning them. Hints are not located in the same room, but they are hidden on the same floor. Here is the screenshot with the hints for the first puzzle: https://imgur.com/Bub0Y6o
Hints for the second one are scattered all around the second floor.
Anyway puzzles unlock HP upgrades and you can beat the game without solving them. Hope this will help :)

Pls give us a fancy ending

Wolod responds:

I'll think about that :) In a sequel perhaps?

fukin amazing

Wolod responds:

Thank you!

My absolute favorite, I crave more! The style and feel of this game is everything a player desires out of an adventure game, it feels extremely Zelda-like in the best ways possible. I can't stop playing it over and over, thank you!

Wolod responds:

First of all I'm very glad that you enjoyed my game. Going to release its much longer sequel on Steam very soon (expect free demo on Newgrounds). And I started a new little game for Pixel Day. Hope it won't disappoint you. Comments like this inspire me to create more and better games. Thank you very much!

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2018
9:53 PM EST
Adventure - Other
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