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Author Comments

Made for Pixel Day 2018! It's my first submission.

The Gaessal Kingdom announced that they will be using robots for most of the military mission. And it means that most of the human-soldiers fired. John, one of the soldiers hate this because he thinks that the robots can't do all the human tasks and he think robots are suck! Now, he fight all the robots and try to prove that human is better.

Inspired by Contra and Super Crate Box!
Well, i hope to add another content after this (stages, enemies, power ups, etc)

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This game has a very nice retro NES feel. I haven't played many NES games, but from those I have, this reminds me of Rush'n'Attack the most. Altrough the gameplay is different the graphic style is very similar.

The mechanics and balance of this game are great. I urge the author not to listen to reviews where people complain about overheat or landmine-bots or respawn or something else being too hard. These people leaving these reviews are just spoiled by the modern abundance of free browser games. They don't have patience to understand the game's timing and mechanics like people did in times of NES when games were scarce. I too couldn't get more then 60-70 kills at beginning, but when I realized you are supposed to tap the fire key instead of holding it and that the robots are already dead before their explosion animation begins and you don't have to wait for them to visibly blow up, the game became much easier and I raised my highscore from 72 to 233 kills in a single try!

The game is great as it is and not much has to be changed, small improvements and tweaks could have been done trough and they are the reason why my rating is 4 stars and not 5. The fallowing minor issues could make this better:

1) This looks like an endless game with aim to reach a highscore. All games like that benefit from public highscore system for players to compete. For all endless games without this feature I reduce half a star from the baseline rating.
2) Fullscreen mode
3) A certain rare combination of enemies is unavoidable - a landmine bot followed straight by a rocket
- It is too wide and cannot be jumped over
- You cannot retreat and wait for them to align because they move at the same speed.
- You cannot shoot the rocket because the indestructible landmine bot absorbs all the fire.
To solve this issue I suggest removing the possibility for landmines to shield other bots or at least greatly reduce that.
4)Is there another level after Construction Bridge? Doesn't look like there is. Therefore the black screen naming the only level should be cut out. The game takes too much time to restart after dying, which can be annoying when you just learn how to play and get used to timing of this game. Maybe the dropping letters of game's title could also be skipped. Although they do contribute to oldschool feel, so that could remain. But the Construction Bridge black screen is totally unnecessary. If there is another level trough then it takes damn too much kills to reach it.

Very fun action on overall.

fazold22 responds:

Wow! Thanks, glad you liked it and im really happy that you noticed my own goal for bring people feelin how hard classic game is (LOL) and well... actually if i had more time back then before Pixel Day start, honestly i really wanted to add powerups and stages, but not then. The black screen is just to show you "dramatic feeling" haha.

Again, thanks for playing ! I've been busy doing client works, so i hope get some good free time to make another things

The difficulty is insane, however i did really enjoy it.

Love the graphics
Love the music

I feel it could be better though, maybe difficulty selection, the option to turn over heating off or even have over heating attached to difficulty or maybe even a random/not random power up that would either increase over heat till you die or make it unlimited for a short time. Just some thoughts, good job though.

fazold22 responds:

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback

Well made but very hard. Difficulty selection would be great.

I concur with a lot of the other folks sentiments on this one about how insanely difficult it is with fast overheating, respawning and mine robots.

That said, I really like the graphics and mechanics of this in general.

I know this is not at all what you are going for, but: I'd love to see this game expanded to be a larger platformer style adventure.

fazold22 responds:

Thanks! More content will be added soon after i have time to the project

This game isn't bad at all to me. I can agree with some of the reviews here though

The overheat thing is a good mechanic, although it builds up too quickly. I did find an alternative to this where I can dish out as much damage without ever having to worry about the overheat bar filling up however. I can suggest you tweak the overheat bar, so I can actually feel like I'm spitting bullets for a longer time.

The mine robots are the most annoying thing to me. I can't do any damage to them, and jumping over them when there are bunch of robots attacking you can get you killed. I don't believe in the RNG thing, as they do try to explode when they are near you, but they're still a pain anyway.

For respawning, that's something I can sorta agree on with the other reviewers. There are times when there are too many robots, but sometimes I can clear out the area.

I have been able to get more than 100 kills before, I'm proud of that.

At one point, every single enemy spawned except for the first robots you have to fend off when you start a new game.

I really do hope you add powerups to this game, as well as some other content to make it a better experience. My suggestions for power ups are invincibility, and/or no over heat for 10 seconds.

The music is absolutely fitting, nothing bad about that to be said

This game has a lot of potential. It's not the best, but at the same time it's not crap either.

fazold22 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the updated version will be here soon after i have time to add contents, cheers!

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2018
11:38 AM EST