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Platformer Pests 3

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The last episode of the Platformer Pests. Mac and his new friends get arrested and have to fight to the death in a colosseum.

See the first one here

second one here
Since Swivel needs an update I've just decided
to use a screen capturing program, so if it's a bit choppy or slow you'll know why.

I most likely will add the voices to the all of characters in the future. But I still need to for the last one I made XD. Anyway...
Happy Pixel Day Newgrounds!

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Hey I like this and also I want friends.

good animation!

Ragazzo Italiano is proud!

Bad animation and designs,
Ok story

mac reminded me of a triggered twelvie...

I can see why the score is so low. This cartoon is rather uninteresting. It's too long as well. I wish it was a game again. This didn't do much for a movie. The designs weren't that good.

I didn't see the previous movies in the series. I doubt I would have cared for them either. The music was alright, I suppose. It was just too slow moving. It was too boring too.

thepixelizer responds:

Sorry for the length, originally I wanted to split this story into two separate movies. I didn't because by 2020 there won't be any browsers that support swf files, and Swivel isn't compatible with the new Adobe animate files.
Sorry if the story is crap I've been writing stories my whole life, but recently I actually unearthed how to utilize the basics of a plot , any way I'm still learning.

I mainly made this movie to get some dough; usually when my goal is that, the quality drops.
Any way I'll try to remind myself WHY I'M DOING THIS?

Thanks for the review, this Pixel Day has been quite the let down, but at least I've learned from my mistakes which is worth more than 100 dollars.