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Undertale Animated: Genocide Interpretation

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(Questions have been edited as of 10-28-18)

Q- Where did the disclaimer go?

A- Too many folks criticized it for being too long and I totally agree with them. That being said I will state AGAIN that THIS IS A SPOILER FOR THE GENOCIDE ROUTE OF UNDERTALE! If you have yet to play this route please reframe from watching this video!

Q- Can I use the video/re-upload it For a dub/amv/comic etc.? A- NO. I worked far too hard on this for others to scrutinize it. Thank you for the enthusiasm but I prefer to keep it here out of personal preference. I'm vain and anal about my image to a fault, I am sorry in advance. (Reaction videos are the only exception but must be credited!) Q- Why does Chara look ugly? A- This was the weirdest response from the audience that I got and the only polite way I can respond to this is by saying that these characters were meant to be extremely subjective upon the games release so forgive me if my interpretation didn't live up to your expectations. Keep in mind that the player character is meant to be a murderous lunatic in this playthrough not a happy go lucky child. Q-What did you use to animate this? A-Character animation=Adobe Animate CC Backgrounds=Photoshop Everything else=Adobe After Effects Q- Why is Chara literally fighting Sans? I thought the fight was against a "possessed" Frisk? A- Unfortunately this was just a dumb oversight by me, I designed Chara's model on a whim and just stuck to it unaware that I would dedicate myself to this project months later. I did a test halfway through where I swapped Frisk/Chara's color palette and it just didn't work. I honestly intended for this to be as canonical as possible; just think of this as Frisk in full possession mode or something... Q-Are you going to be doing more Undertale scenes or interpretations? A-Honestly no. I'll be making more animations in the future however, I shall not stop here! By all means, stick around! I'm an obsessed fan of many more things than just Undertale!

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Damn that's Soo cool i love it

i fucking love this



One of the best animations i ever seen