XXX 4 Colors

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An adult version of the classic card game. Boobs and cards, all that's missing is beer.

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The press 1 mechanic is broken completely. the game is literally unwinnable.

hey man, the game itself is not bad the only problem I saw is the difficulty of the computer because you need a ridiculous luck to win, if you could fix that would be perfect

Found a glitch. If you bring up the quit menu (x button in the corner) as the computer plays a winning card, the quit menu and the game over menu come up at the same time, and none of the buttons are clickable on either. It basically softlocks the game.

Other than that, it's a decent game, but kind of unremarkable. The computer seems to be programmed to play pretty well, which is a bit discouraging. Perhaps a difficulty setting could alleviate that. Plus, the declaring of the last card is kind of pointless if the computers always succeed, especially considering it's not the most intuitively labelled button, and the window to press it seems short. Maybe that rule can be altered or removed.

not bad, just a few points:

calling out when you have one card should either be removed because it only affects the player since the computers always instantly call, or you could add a small random delay for the computers so it gives the player a chance.

the ai is too simple. the computers aren't so much trying to win as they are dumping their heaviest cards as quickly as possible. i won the four player match but only because i played a draw four as my penultimate card and the computer across from me played a draw two, giving me the game. very similar things tend to happen quite frequently, the computers never target anyone and will give the game away simply because one card in their hand has a higher play priority than another that might have given them some chance at victory.

as for the adult aspect the cards could stand to be bigger and you should consider adding different pictures for each number/effect so there is some variety

overall while it could definitely use some improvements it's not a complete dumpster fire.

I dig this as a concept. Simple, fun game that we all know. Plays really well and it's just as much fun as playing for real, except now we get to see really small boobs!

It seems like a *little* more could really make this a lot better. Gallery, Selectable Images for cards, and maybe a little more would do great for this game.

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2.23 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2018
11:46 AM EST
Skill - Other