Elvis & Dimmi

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An elf named Elvis and a dwarf named Dimmi roam around a fantasy realm on blood thirsty quests for treasure and glory.

Written and Directed by Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson
Animation by Ivan Dixon http://pug-of-war.tumblr.com/
Paul Robertson http://probertson.tumblr.com/
Additional Animation by Andrew Onorato http://www.andrewonorato.com/
Music by Cornel Wilczek https://electricdreams.co/
Sound by Cornel Wilczek and Pascal Babare
Sound Supervisor Leyla Varela

Bailey: Mel Roach http://melaphantastic.tumblr.com/
Elvis & Dimmi: Ivan Dixon https://twitter.com/IvanRDixon
Hannah & Wendy: Claire Mazz https://www.facebook.com/clairemazz
Gate Goblin: Julian Frost http://julianfrost.co.nz/work/
Goblin Child 1: Hazel Wilczek
Goblin Child 2: Jeanie Wilczek
Gary & Shopkeeper: Alex Hirsch https://twitter.com/_alexhirsch


Well, I thought It was good, I just Don't Like When the family died. I am forever sad for them now.

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Holy Shit! Alex Hirsch is involved in This Amazing Animation!
Great Job and I hipe you guys make more of pixel animation in the future

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I absolutely hated those two fuckers. And the whole thing left me with a certain distaste.

However, the animation was superb, the artstyle was great (really fluid pixelart, nice), I loved some of the details (famous swords and weapons references), etc. I do feel the humour as regards dialogue was a bit blunt and predictable, but everything else wasn't, so it's not much of a hindrance. The violence galore and unexpected assholish twists were original and well done, even if you end up hating the main duo.

I hope Bailey gets his revenge, but if he couldn't do it this time, I seriously doubt he will ever be able to do it.


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Amazing animation and story! I love pixel art more than anything so this really got me interested.

My only gripe is the beginning wall of pixel-drawn text. It's a little complicated to look at (I did it read it and found it funny); and though it is readable, I didn't feel compelled to read through it. In my first watch of this animation I skipped the text - and everyone I shared it with did likewise - and enjoyed the story all the same. I believe the beginning text added very little value to the animation other than to foreshadow the absurdity.

I would suspect that such large walls of text might in fact deter viewers who don't want to read but also believe that they won't experience the same enjoyment from the animation as others unless they read all of it.

Also as you watch the large text scroll up, it really messes with the visual effect when it suddenly stops at the bottom. For a solid minute you had me reading to keep up with the scrolling and then to have it stop so suddenly causes a little discomfort. In my opinion it would have been easier on the eyes had the text just scrolled up out of view.

Incredibly great work, I really hope to see more!

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tl;dr: Cudos for this piece of art

Really good animation, a bit eye candy, but that changes just when the gore scenes are shown. A real morsel for lipsync as well, wondering however what tool was used for creating the graphics and how long did it take to animate one whole sentence (does it take it longer when you would have used hand/tablet/mouse drawn animation?).

The voicework shows off when the goblin village scene arrives and later we meet the heroines (female villans?). Every sound and music piece sounds like a game, which is really putting the pressure on "this is a game parody")

The idea of creating a piece about video game parody from the side of "villanious" side sounds almost like Starbarians in pixelated form, but you do efortlessly slide the atmosphere from "chaotically merry" Starbarians to "gruesome cold-hearted" adventurers. Because this makes the adventurers look like some kind of evil mercenaries, or kid-bandits without a charm, some viewers will likely oppose the idea of such story telling, some other won't be bothered at all saying "its fine".
Both will likely be kept captivated by the series thou, one half rooting for their success and the other half waiting for the heroes tragic demise. Because the viewers will be split, maybe try to direct the story based of votes :)? (although bad idea, even the bastard viewers will want to see the guys HUNG at the end :P)
Got to add, for a pixel art about dungeons and dragons it sure has a tragic atmosphere (why are the protagonists so hard assed)

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Jan 19, 2018
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