Elvis & Dimmi

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An elf named Elvis and a dwarf named Dimmi roam around a fantasy realm on blood thirsty quests for treasure and glory.

Written and Directed by Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson
Animation by Ivan Dixon http://pug-of-war.tumblr.com/
Paul Robertson http://probertson.tumblr.com/
Additional Animation by Andrew Onorato http://www.andrewonorato.com/
Music by Cornel Wilczek https://electricdreams.co/
Sound by Cornel Wilczek and Pascal Babare
Sound Supervisor Leyla Varela

Bailey: Mel Roach http://melaphantastic.tumblr.com/
Elvis & Dimmi: Ivan Dixon https://twitter.com/IvanRDixon
Hannah & Wendy: Claire Mazz https://www.facebook.com/clairemazz
Gate Goblin: Julian Frost http://julianfrost.co.nz/work/
Goblin Child 1: Hazel Wilczek
Goblin Child 2: Jeanie Wilczek
Gary & Shopkeeper: Alex Hirsch https://twitter.com/_alexhirsch


The guy below me is a twat.
Just jumping in on the combo.

I love this animation, and it's a shame that some people can't look past the writing.
Not every story has to be about the good guys, yo.

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The guy below me is a twat.

What he means to say is "HE" doesn't like the opinions of the poster below him and "HE" can' handle differing opinions.

Great flash btw would love to see more.

The guy below me is a twat.

What he means to say is "HE" doesn't think it's comedy and "HE" doesn't understand it.

To "ME" I found this highly entertaining & comedic. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't giggling like a school girl - but you had my eyes glued to the screen the entire time anticipating what was to happen next.

For old mate zed617 to grab the genre of the cartoon labelled by Newgrounds category and go for a rampage claiming he could write it better in itself is a joke. So maybe he's got me there. ;)

Overall my only quam with the toon was the long texted intro which I will admit immediately skipped. (Sorry)

Visuals and flow of animation were top tier and I anticipate your future work. Thank you for sharing!

The production quality on this entire thing is absolutely amazing all around.
Except the writing. It's shit. Whoever wrote this has a critical misunderstanding of how to write comedy and characters. There's pretty much only two jokes I can even identify as such, the dice thing at the beginning and the bit where the goblin captive poses after having a potion used on him.
There are COUNTLESS missed opportunities for visual gags and silly moments, and absolutely none of them are used. First was the initial invasion of the goblin village, which had some references to hack-and-slash arcade games, but uhh...wait, this is classified as a comedy? All of these vague references are not jokes. The senseless violence in itself is not funny, and it's not satisfying to watch because what you're seeing are fleeing citizens and not attacking minions. The people aren't defeated in any amusing or interesting ways like with nearby objects or goofy movements, and the two adventurers suffer no meaningful consequences for their heinous actions, making it infinitely more frustrating because seeing them get punished could have been, guess what, another source of comedy.
If you want great examples of a marriage between action and comedy, you'll find a well of it in old kung fu movies. Check out Jackie Chan and take note of the progression in the action scenes. It's pretty natural to root for the underdog, and the environment is a character and a tool of its own, these are two of the most important points.

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The characters are unlikable as fuck but who cares when there is so much effort put into the animation and setting designs.

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4.37 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2018
4:47 PM EST
Comedy - Original
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