Let the Ghost Out!

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Play as Franklin the Ghost, a ghost terrified of humans. Unfortunately, a family of them has recently moved into the house he's been haunting for the past decade, and they aren't exactly friendly towards their friendly neighbourhood poltergeist! Franklin must make his way out the front door of the house before he's exorcised by avoiding human detection and figuring out how to bypass the salt they've left laying around to trap him.

01/25/2018 Update:
* Fixed minor bugs and glitches
* Patrolling enemies now stop for a while before they turn back and head the other way
* Players can now dash! Click middle mouse button to dash a short distance
* Floor 1 human is now a priest; he can see a further distance than the rest of the enemies and the awareness goes up twice the speed


Was adorable! Just needs more levels!! I would spend forever playing this!!!

I wasn't going to review, but I saw that you are replying to all feedback, even the useless feedback, and I really respect that. I would normally rate this 3.5, but the extra 0.5 is from you seeming like a good person in your replies.

I played the game twice, lost first than won.
I think your level was terrible. It featured annoying sections of waiting, the salt boxes were placed such that even with near perfect movement I would sit 5 feet from the next salt trail waiting for my spirit to replenish so I can move the salt box again, and it was very linear with no puzzle elements as all, despite the lock-and-key design.

That said, I think the game mechanics are promising and there is a lot of potential here.
I think some simple changes could be made for better gameplay:

1. Make it more obvious when an NPC is about to turn as at the moment they just snap 180 degrees without any warning to the player. Simply having the NPC stop for a moment before turning would be wonderful. For stationary NPC's, play an animation.

2. Don't make spirit energy drain quite as quickly when holding a salt box while possessing an item, it simply makes the chore of carrying items more tedious as stated earlier.

3. Have some way for the player to interact with the NPCs. Perhaps being able to possess some items to scare NPC's away from a corridor? Go play/watch the GameCube game Geist as it's a perfect example of what I mean.

4. Have some other use for the Spirit Energy other than just carrying stuff. It's basically a stamina bar, so treat it like so and let the player dash or turn invisible or something else to help them have more, but riskier, options.

Keep up the good work, and feel free to PM me if you have any questions about my review or want me to test future releases/updates.

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xSilhouette responds:

Thank you for your review! Your suggestions are all extremely helpful and interesting, especially for when I come back to this game later to add/change features to make it more fun. I have sent you a message to talk with you a bit more about things :)

Lots of potential here! I played in Chrome and fullscreen, and was impressed by how smooth the controls and graphics were.

The concept is good, and it shows that thought was put into the elements, gameplay and level design.

Definitely needs more levels though, which would allow some more elements and gameplay beyond explore/collect keys. I can imagine some very interesting puzzles from these core features already. Maybe possess certain items in an order to solve a puzzle? Interact with items to distract humans and clear a path? Different animal types or people types that affect your awareness differently?

It looks great and is a good idea, I'm looking forward to seeing it expanded upon.

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xSilhouette responds:

Thank you for your review, and I'm glad you liked it! It's definitely something I hope to expand on in the future, and I really appreciate your thoughts/ideas for that :)

I love the game; the theme and music is great. But I just wish the gameplay had the same art style as the title screen / main menu. That flashy artstyle is what made me click the link to this game to begin with, but I ended up with lame block 3D graphics. Still though, loved it, and I hope to see a (longer) sequel!

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Noice not a bad game

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xSilhouette responds:

Thank you for your review!

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3.15 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2018
11:00 AM EST
Puzzles - Other