Dream Love

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Seekers Present #9: Dream Love

A lowly peon desires the beautiful princess. And heaven smiles upon the humble creature.

Please support my current projects at hornblase.com if you like my work, more to come in the future! :-)

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I'll never say no to anything Peach related.

certainly stepped up your game these past 8 years. gj

Why does everyone think it's mandatory to do the Mario sound effects during these sex parodies? It's the only game where everyone seems to do this shit. We don't have Tracer making her dash sound every time she gets pounded, no one has Link building up to cum with the treasure opening music, and Pokemon porn doesn't use those god awful Gameboy sound effects for voices.

Other than that rant, it's fairly mediocre. Too much story that amounts to nothing because who cares why if the best you can come up with is "It's a dream.". Too reliant on that weird speed up gimmick to pretend that the sex is progressing instead of just using the same animation loop. Lastly just poorly thought out anatomy. The Koopa has creepily normal hands, then has no shell in the next scene and then seems to have a T shirt that looks like the front of his shell afterwards, and finally just has a weird long yellow pair of legs that isn't even drawn all the way. Same with Peach going from having bare hands to gloved hands to bare again. It reeks of lazy design.

I think the take on her look is cute. Pretty good job, always room for improvement! :-)

Good designs.
Catchy music
The scenes are well animated.

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3.00 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2018
3:32 AM EST
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