Girl AP

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A Schoolgirl turning into adult

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Art is pretty good, animation is janky. Totally different talents that take practice, and convincing animation is also time-consuming to make. But if it's something you want to do, study some examples and keep practicing. Just trying to be constructive, no offense implied.

Love the idea! Do it again but with more detail and effort pls :)

Good drawings,
The animation needs more frames or something.
It needs work.

the artwork is there but the animation was LAZY dude yo uhave 30 FPS to fill! fill the room with some actual artwork and make it look smoother also a alittle view of the action would have been nice.

this came off as really bizarre
animation was off putting, doesnt seem like the sex scene was even animated, looks more like the waste below was distorted.
The sfx and voicing is probably the worst part.
but the art was spicy gotta appreciate the thicc amirite

locofuria responds: