Songbird Symphony v0.2

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Author Comments


Hey everyone, we've noted that there are some of you with problems playing this in the browser. This might be due to an incompatibility with an audio plugin that the Unity game engine uses. The WebGL version runs the audio differently, resulting in some unexpected cases, including desyncing issues, which is definitely not ideal for a music/rhythm game.

We'll continue looking into the solutions for this while we continue development on the main game. In the meantime, we do have the downloadable build over at our Itch page if you can't wait. https://joysteak.itch.io/songbird-symphony-v02

Again, thanks for the support, and sorry about that!


Hey everybirdy!
We've been working hard here at Joysteak Studios to finally bring you a brand new update to Songbird Symphony!

We've decided to shift the focus away slightly from the rhythm puzzle platformers to feature more of the world we've built and encourage exploration and environment interactions, and also allow you to access the main meat of the game easier - the songs!

And yes, there are more songs (and birds!), so enjoy!


How to play: Arrow keys for movement, Spacebar to jump, A/S/D to sing

Songbird Symphony is a 2D musical adventure game depicting the tale of a young bird named Birb as he leaves the safety of his nest to confront the outside world and discover his true identity. Along the way, he encounters other feathery denizens and learns the language of the forest, ultimately unveiling his destiny.

This is a playable prototype of the game.
The full game is currently in development.

For updates on the game's development, you can follow us at
Twitter: https://twitter.com/songbirdsymph
Facebook: https://facebook.com/songbirdsymphony
Instagram: https://instagram.com/joysteakstudios
Tumblr: https://joysteak.tumblr.com

You can also join our community Discord channel:

If you want to support us, we have a Patreon:

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I don't know if it's only happening to me, but the Unity icon doesn't go away and it's bar is always half full.
But other than that (wich might be my problem), this game is wonderful, from the visuals, to the music, to the controls... it's just too beautiful

this game is amazing

Seeing how the love and care you put on a flash game pays off. Now this is what i love about video games and indie games especially. Keep up the good work this was super awesome!

Love this game, wishing there was more to play.

This is one of the best games i've played on newgrounds

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3.98 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2018
2:00 PM EST