Dragonslayer Doppelganger Animated

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A modern classic.

Watch the original here: http://www.dragonslayerdoppelganger.com/

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a short film by alcohol productions

animation, designs, and story are ok.

You should try drawing the inbetween frames yourself instead of skews.

Well that was a trip! A lot of those scenes felt longer than they needed to be but... in the end I'm... enjoying the music! Do feel the rest of it could either have moved faster, or shown a bigger picture. More to look at in each scene might make it feel like they moved a bit faster than they did... background animations, like. Birds outside the window. Something. Refreshingly random and powerful otherwise but yeah... it took a while! Seems things were left simple since it is indeed so long.


I don't want to gas this up too much, but I think this is easily better than the combined works of Shakespeare and Francis Ford Coppola at their height.