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Clicker and Strategy game. Prototype version.
Keep playing at your phone.


(Not a regular clicker, it requires to think a little).

Create your temples so your zealots worship you. With more zealots you will gain more faith, with more faith you can defeat those o claim your God-Presence is false. Destroy your detractors and build your religion to last eons.

Grow your religion acquiring adepts, click over the spells to complete each and gain might Might will allow you to include more adepts in your religion. As a mighty god you can also destroy your creations either for fun or to change them for more adept fanatics.

Pay attention because eventually a holy man and bonuses may appear, destroy them get a either temporal or permanent rewards for your faith.

Game autosaves every 60 seconds, if you leave you can continue where just you left either automatically or in the menu.

See how mighty your religion can grow.

Please refresh page (F5) if you see image glitches, newground updating game.
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Make sure you have the latest version in, below is marked as NEW. You can check version in game menu on bottom-left corner.

*NOW FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH MOBILE DEVICES* - You can go just full screen in the Menu by pressing the "Brackets" button. If playing in your computer is not enough, open the game from your mobile and grow your religion.
*Single account login and online game is not available yet but will be in further releases so you can play anywhere*

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Release v1.0.1.06 - New content
Release v1.0.1.04 - Bug fixes
Release v1.0.1.03 - DBS Seasonal Game Skins, Bug fixes and more achievements
Release v1.0.1.02

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well I got to level 25.. and I got the bigass demon guy.. now what.

Is that it? Does the game basically just end at level 25 as there is nothing left really to buy? I mean sure I can buy the final worship center but what's the point if there is nothing else left to buy..

Also the game is nice but you need some sort of end in sight to reach. Also it's annoying whenever I come back to this game to replay it and it shows my progress but all my upgrades on all my guys have been set back to zero.

Also make some medals for this game! This is a perfect game for medals :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

TristanMX responds:

Hey thanks for playing! I've been receiving reports of upgrades missing… that's super weird, I will investigate further. At the time I created the game I really had no clue on how to connect to Newgrounds api and some other technical stuff. Regarding the las unit question, basically yes, so far that's the last demon you can purchase but you can still go to reach higher levels, unfortunatelly I got caught in other projects and I really wanted to make a renewed versión of evil God with a stronger long term play. This was my very first game.

BTW, there are several in-game medals you can unlock, including reaching level 100 and becoming a T800 terminator (medal) by killing followers, I hope you were able to complete them all. Just press the "trophy" button at the top-middle of the screen and see if you were able to reach all of them.

i don't understand this:

20.000 might
3 more followers possible (15/18)
an acolyte costs 1,500

and this message appears:
"not enough might to recruit more adepts"

what do i miss here?


:) now i know what the red rhombus does.
thank you for your help

TristanMX responds:

Hi! Can you please check if the multiplier button is set to a number above of your acolytes capacity? It is the red rombus button at the center. If the problem continue I will be glad to help you, just PM me.

Thanks for playing!

Nice game, well thought, though it seems that I keep all saved progress expect Unit level and Spell level (fall back to 0) when I update the page or reload the game, which is quite annoying.

I've tried several saving methods and browsers with same result.

Note: Having a dozen Necromancers and a single Skeleton king (the rest being free skeletons) and leveling Skeletons like crazy generates massive faith, far more than any other combinations I've tried so far, including demons.

TristanMX responds:

Thanks JohWraith! Spell Level is never saved but calculated every time the game is loaded. Unit level is still saved, if you mind downloading a copy of your save game and send it to me in a PM from a dropbox or something I will review it to try to find the problem.

Enjoy!! :D

ayuda la se queda colgado bueno no colgado si no se queda en la pagina de inicio

TristanMX responds:

hola, puedes enviarme un mensaje privado y te ayudo para ver que paso.

Your game has potential as a clicker, especially due to the unique growth mechanic. The basic concept is great, but there are a bundle of flaws:

Content: The game is still small and needs some updates quick if you want to get some attention

Ease-of-play: The tutorial isnt enough to fully grasp what the hell is going on. This is quite different than most clickers and could do with a slightly more in-depth and (larger print) explanations. When scrolling the mouse over a unit it should show its total faith, this could help checking progress immensely for zealots and cannibals... Allow a more in depth control of the buildings (and add more buildings while youre at it) so we can allocate exactly how much of what goes where, so that we can balance out where the zealouts/cannibals go to and optimise growth.

Goal/Plot: There needs to be some kind of carrot dangling for gamers to reach for if you want to keep our attention. Adding more upgrades and achievements will fix the problem instantly. For now theres no point playing past lvl 17/18.

I'm not sure if its on purpose but zealouts kill cannibal corpses... This kind of sucks since it doesnt allow the Preacher-zealout-necromancer-totem-cannibal growth loop I anticipated, a smmall list of what units can be killed by whom would also be useful.

You should have humans and undead as two seperate growth patterns with their own achievements and upgrades, rather than undead being a higher tier than human.

I'm no expert so this is just personal opinion, hope it helps!

TristanMX responds:

Thank you, you are right in basically all what you say. For now content is the key, I posted this as a practice game on January 1st ar Kongregate, and bam! it got popular by the next day and I was shocked... I guess because it is different and I had only 5 units and 3 buildings and you could only play 6 god levels and that was it, so ever since I'm rushing every week to publish stuff. I had been able to upload 29 updates and all that you see here is way better than the raw and immature game it was. So keeping you guys entertained is almost a full time job xD... but I'm really enjoying while creating new content.

Valentine's units had just been published as part of this rushing deployment of new content... I do appreciate your comments and will appreciate more a like in FB, that's my main motivation to keep the game growing with this huge army of artist and game developers I have ☜(˚▽˚)☞ me.

The Zealot is meant to kill the Cannibal Corpse because I wanted players to look for different combinations, otherwise that build you mention will be mainstream.

One option will be to leave the game as it is now and go back to design and create more content with more time available and with better mechanics, but I don't think many players would like that xD (don't know how many though), so before shooting to nowhere I decided to keep a weekly update with small releases and additional units.

Thank you and just wait to see spell level 2 units, I'm working on a new "deck" of units.

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3.19 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2018
3:46 AM EST
Strategy - Other