Scavenging Dog

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This is a collected version (episode 1 + sneak peek of episode 2) of my series Scavenging Dog on my YouTube channel Mythvision

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Outstanding work and Awesome effort.

The katana sword is over-used (and over-rated) these days though.
Looks like no twining was used (but that's understandable due to the vector vs bitmap art schools) but it was great seeing the old-school moves and smooth animations regardless.

The art-style reminds me a lot of the Psygnosis Shadow of the Beast Games II and III. Can't wait to see the next ones.

mythvision responds:

Thanks! Agreed the the katana is used a lot but its consistent with the original comic
I did years ago. besides he uses many other weapons as well

This is fantastic! The artstyle and storytelling in this piece is awesome. You should perhaps improve the fluidity of the animation by adding frames. Anyways, looking forward for the next installment. Great job!

mythvision responds:

Thanks! Trying to make all around improvements including upping frame counts for EP.2

excellent! awesome graphics, loved the ambiance AND the slow pace, was totally matching the whole concept. sound too.

mythvision responds:

Much appreciated! More to come

Was this supposed to be like a cutscene from a DOS game? Every movement is robotic and the render is plagued by ghosting. This is more like an animated comic than a full blown animation where the quality bar swings much more to the artwork than it does the animation. When characters turn their heads, they don't turn so much as their faces expand as they move to the right or left to give a really false illusion of a rotation, a workaround that's older than dirt. I can tell you realized how this would look and tried keeping it discreet, but a sharper eye will still notice.

you need to work on your animation skills. Particularly on combat. The art is great, but its very slow paced.

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Jan 7, 2018
1:57 AM EST