Dirty Drill

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Use arrow keys for movement: left and right to walk and up to jump.

Earn extra points by pushing 10 blocks side by side on the bottom row (like tetris) or staying above the barrier

Game is still being tinkered on, Porn unlocks,ect,
Its not required but feel free to support the game

Thanks for looking

Game modes:
Main: Avoid being crushed
tower: avoid being crushed, and avoid touching the groudn
chaos (experimental gameplay) current mutator: Shoot em up and big blocks (press ctrl to shoot)

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To the developer: This game is frustratingly difficult, but it has alot of potential. Try making the drill stuck bottom row clear failsafe come a bit quicker and have a some sort of useful ability (Teleport a specific drill to another location) with a large cool down (~15-20 secs) that forces the player to use it more skill fully and wisely which makes it more fair to the players, or a very useful ability which is also dangerous if used too recklessly (Dashing).

Potential rating: 4 (stars, potatoes or whatever)
Reached potential: 1.5 (stars, potatoes or whatever)

To the players: A method to win the game currently is to move the drills as less as possible and head up to the top. If you're cornered at the top, try spamming jump, which makes you almost invulnerable to the drills. To access the 3000 pts pic, press it and the pic next to it.

DirtyScoundrel responds:

fantastic critique
at this point it kinda remains as coding practice

not a bad little game youve got here so far. however!...in the unlocks page the pic labeled as "2200" opens a picture that is the one shown as the thumbnail for the "3000" picture, clicking the "3000" picture does nothing at all. and the picture that is the thumbnail for "2200" is apparently only a thumbnail, none of the others open that one anyway.

pushing the drill into the wall seems weird, i kept thinking I had to jump down on them. But its not a bad game.

Nice idea for an Game ^^

This is not an adult game since there is no adult content. The controls are extremely sticky. The drills do not look like drills. There is no music or sound effects. This game would be ok if it was the product of a time limited (6 to 12 hours, maybe) coding competition, but as a serious attempt it is utterly horrible.

DirtyScoundrel responds:

thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

2.19 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2018
12:48 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle