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Black Crystal - Episode Prologue: "Lighting the Spark"

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Author Comments

The first ever episode of Black Crystal is here!

Black Crystal is an independent original project I've been working on since 2013. I have slowly developed the story, the characters, and the world through the first 3 years of pre-production, before I finally started animating this since last year. After a very long time of working non stop, the very first episode is finally finished!

This is honestly just a taste of what is to come for this series. This marks the very beginning both in terms of the story as well as what we can do with it as a production, because we know we can do so much better if we had the time and budget to keep improving with each episode.

So if you want to see the possibilities for the future of this project, please consider supporting us on Patreon, or even a one time donation on Ko-fi if you can not commit to a monthly payment. The production costs for this first episode were entirely paid out of pocket, and obviously that can't continue forever, which means this project will die without a proper budget. This is why it is entirely in the hands of fans and supporters to make sure this project might one day reach a real ending. Please help us see this story to its completion!

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kayanimations
Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/kayanimations

The Black Crystal Team/CREDITS:

Producer and Animator:
KayAnimations - https://twitter.com/kayanimations

Sound Designer:
Rob Luzier - https://eyesonsound.com

Music Composer:
Matthew Marc Grice - https://twitter.com/marcatosound

Voice of Kuro Aonix:
Richard "Kaitsu" Nguyen - https://twitter.com/TheGreatKaitsu

Voice of Gen:
David Dobrev - https://twitter.com/DavidDobrevVA

Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this first taste of Black Crystal!

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I can't wait for when the next part finally comes out.
Been waiting a year so far.

good animation, kinda mediocre backgrounds, and honestly kind of irritating Voiceacting. focus on your voices and sets, they're holding this back.


I really want to see what happens next XD

Seems potencial here