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My Breast Friend, Naomi! [Official Uncensored Trailer]

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*All characters depicted are aged 18 and over*

"My Breast Friend, Naomi!" tells a cute little vanilla love story of Tetsuya and his childhood best friend Naomi. After being separated for 7 years, torn apart at a young age and left to fend for themselves in the social hellhole of adolescence; The two are finally reunited when Tetsuya bumps into her in the last place he’d expect… But does he recognise her? Will they finally succumb to their teenage lust that’s been plaguing them for years, or will she friendzone him (again!)? Or even worse… Will his new girlfriend, Hitomi find out?!

Join us in answering all of those questions while you click, fap and shlick your way through My Breast Friend, Naomi! - Releasing early 2018!

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The blowjob face looks creepy... but that may just be me.
Looks like an interesting game.

loooks amazing very detailed the way you've done the shading as well, I more biased towards darker tones idk why.
only thing, something feels off putting for the full body images of the characters starting with Hitomi
-but at :47 she looks great
also at 1:17 though not as odd

I like the audio cue, where when the drums start she gets splooshed in the face, great stuff

Don't listen to TumorJesus, you do you, it doesn't need an animation to be good, you just need to make something you enjoy making and are proud of, if everything falls into place it will be excellent, I like what I see so far and I do not think an animation is required to get this going. Just make sure it's got a good story lol, I'm big on stories and that is a huge selling point to me.

EroLifeGames responds:

Thank you for the kind words! We're big visual novel fans, especially within the eroge/nukige genre, and are stoked to be working on our own project. We also understand that being a niche genre, we're appealing primarily to an audience that are already familiar with the style of gameplay, and know what to expect. Hopefully the way the game is presented (and the content of the hentai scenes) will speak for itself when the final product is released :)

Do you plan to have actual animations in the final product? Because that style of image after image will not be worth making a game or movie out of it as it basically is just a picture gallery. I hope there will be actual animations.
Other than that, nice drawing, ok music choice, good trailer overall.

EroLifeGames responds:

The final product will be a visual novel, so unfortunately no animations in this game! If you're familiar with the genre, the hentai scenes are CG based, with different layers that progress with the scene (as displayed in the trailer). Thanks for the feedback, though! We do hope you'll still check out the demo when it's released, and we may be able to sway you on the genre :)