PacMan Classic

January 2, 2018 –
December 4, 2018
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Pacman Is BACK! and it looks like the original! The ghosts are still the same! everything is the same!


This is not even a game it is a video.

Not a game. Barely even a video. Also just by watching this I get the feeling that you cannot play PACMAN lol.

This is not a "game" but yet a very poorly made video, so therefore it should no be under the Games section but yet the Video section. 2. notice in the title it specifically says that the Ghosts are the same, but there never was a GREEN ghost , and there were FOUR ghosts. 3. This might have possibly been at least enjoyable, but there is no control, and is set on loop like a gif. 4. this "game does not even follow the logic of pacman. when the red ghost attacks pac man, pacman does like a super speed away without losing a life. Final Review: this is not even a game and i would have to agree with RadicallyCrazy about this being clickbait , and if you want an actual pacman experience then just play the google anniversary edition.

This isn't an actual game, but in fact a poorly made video.
Sure, it's FallenCrystal's first attempt, but at least give us some control and not just a video.
I see many criticisms with this "game", one being what I said in the first sentence, but I'm not going to talk about all that in this review.
Because it being a video and not a game, I would consider it clickbait.
I would much recommend it being on the "Movies" portal, because it's actually a video.
That's basically all I had to say.

this super classic game I love

This isn't even a game, it's a poorly made video. Nothing is the same at ALL. This is literally the worst PAC-MAN "game" that I have ever "played".

this is fake i can't control anything it goes on and on and is not even a game

Everything is terrible. Next time, make a game, and don't lie about it in the description.

Is this actually a game? Because I can't control anything. It's playing itself. And is laggy.

Sound is annoying, no pause function, endlessly loops as well; but the worst part is that it's an animation that was posted in the games section. This should be in the graveyard.


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1.30 / 5.00