Fire and steel

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Dark knight send his avatar down to the fireworld. He want to defeated and captured the fire queen and take her power.
Game don't contain so much nudity. But if you win you can watch video.(On another resource).

Moving to left 'A' or Left arrow.
Moving to right 'D' or Right arrow.
Mouse or touchscreen
Player go to the touch(click)place

There are walkthrough in help section.
Fixed adding mouse and keyboard speeds


I like the gameplay, but the design is too dark.

One, the hitboxes are bullshit. A projectile hits the spot beside me and I take damage. Two, The damage is too much compared to the amount of damage taken from the off set hitboxes. Three, the upgrade drop rate are to few to be prosperous. and Four, the speed up whenever the enemy is hit is too unfair to the people unable to gather the powerups on account of the unfair hitboxes and don't get me started on the falling rock with a seeming aoe effect. Horrible production in my opinion.

The game is pretty bullshit and punishes you for not collecting the power-ups which either;
Don't spawn because RNG
Are blocked off by attacks.
I put some effort in and made it to final phase. And WHY DOES SHE HAVE AN UNDODGABLE LASER??! I went through it and survived. I lived and just needed a couple more bits of mana to unleash the laser and win.
And she fuckin' did it again. BUT FASTER. God why does she speed up enough for the laser to be exactly on you AT ALL TIMES.
I tried a few more times and just choked so much, couldn't get up to that again. The game is bullshit. At least don't let the enemies speed up over time, or remove her overpowered laser.

Not bad.

Alright I'm gonna try to be objective but you really need to learn these lessons early on.

First off YOU NEED A WALKTHROUGH. I don't care if its in the game itself or in your game description you DO NOT put it in a place where we are supposed to find it.

I couldn't tell you how to beat this game the first moment I touched it nor do I understand how my character shoots at all.

Secondly if you don't have any real porn in the game except for the ending sequence why even bother making it in the porn section just put it in the teen and other sections. I don't understand why you would make it this way if you knew it was going to just be a simple shooter.

Look if you're going to continue to design this stuff for phones you probably should make them into regular games and see what comes of it.

But again don't throw people into a game with very little explanation also you should probably note these are test games or very early drafts. Also the Icons you use without explanation do not convey to the player hey I'm helpful or useful. I have NO idea what a red X is supposed to be. What do Angel wings do. From a design perspective its terrible. You can build a game that conveys a simple idea but you have to at least let the player know what is going on.

I'll at least say the shooting mechanics of the skull were alright almost seemed like a regular shooter. what controls I could figure out were to say the least smooth. and honestly I'd add an attack that actually works I guess.

futaplay responds:

There are walkthrough in help section.

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1.50 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2018
10:32 AM EST
Action - Other