Get`s fucked or jinxed?

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My first animation experience.


Pretty damn good for what it's worth, some minor details to be added/fixed.

Minor being the sound as well maybe some more emotion to jinx or whom ever is fucking her or both, but that's just me, good work.

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OlocoHell responds:

Yes, a lot of things are missing, I'm working for the next one to get better. Thank you. :D

I am taking into consideration that it is a 1st experience
Plus for daring to use facial animation, mouthwork is nice, eyes could use a little work, the work with the breast physics is also pretty well done in my opinion.

Very good for a first try.

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OlocoHell responds:

Thank you! It's far from good. I'm working hard to improve. (Sorry for the bad english, I used google translate.)

Good art and drawing, but it doesn't look like the characters are enjoying it much. Not much in the area of animation. It would better done as a still and saved as an image.

Add some animation and more sound and excitement and it would be a good work. And your title, while interesting, doesn't seem to have much to do with the content - I know the 2nd and 4th words match your picture, but the question implies that something is unknown or some sort of plot besides a ten second clip without any action.

Sorry for the harsh remarks, but this looks so good on the cover and falls so flat. With some more time and effort it could be SO good. But it isn't yet.

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OlocoHell responds:

Everything you said crossed my mind the moment I was doing the animation. As I'm starting I have few resources and ability. I have little time to do my work because I work out so I always work hard when I have time available. Thanks for comment! (sorry for english, I'm using the googel translator).

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2.80 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2018
12:41 AM EST