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UPDATE: Now on Steam (for free)

We incorporated all your feedback. Thanks so much! Have a look at the trailer as we are releasing MazeBot on Steam for free!

"Awake! Your next cycle is close. Fulfill your purpose, do as you are told!"

As MazeBot, your only purpose is to test other inventions of destruction, as long as you are needed or you survive.

Various war machines are tested every day to maximize their effectiveness. Your survival is not intended.

How to Play
Press "E" to start the game. use "W" "A" "S" "D" to control the bot's movement. Press "E" or "Q" to select whether you want to FIGHT or RUN from an enemy.

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I like the little mini ladd reference "I'm not mad i'm just disappointed." a very well polished game no doubt about that give it a B+ for very interesting concept

Really cool theme/story that is consistent through the game. Interesting gameplay that always keeps things fresh. Depth of strategy, good replayability. The music was a little repetitive but it did fit the theme. My only gripe (as always) is a few spelling/grammar errors (it's spelled "disappoint"). Overall very well done game.

Great Speedrun game. I especially like how your HP carries over so your performance effects your survival. Colors a bit hard on my eyes but manageable. I guessing this color scheme was chosen to help colorblind people though. I like my speedruns to have zombies involved, but I know a few people who enjoy this.

CGA graphics? surprisingly good gameplay? you get a 5 good ir

It's okay. Gameplay is a bit too simple and kinda repetitive. I also think it would be also nice to have the option of letter keys and arrow keys to move but maybe that's just me. The style, animation and colors though are perfect.
It's okay, but nothing spectacular.

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2018
2:14 PM EST
Action - Other