Blackfire parody - Innocent animation

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It's perfection!

OMG whoever does the voices has such a cute voice. You should credit them

Would love to see more of your work , this was awesome

Innocentanimation responds:

In the future it will be an animation of Raven. Hope you enjoy it.

I love the creative introduction. The leg work is pretty nice too, the eye movement seems a bit too wonky though. They are synced to the movement and it feels silly to a small degree. Exceptionally nice mouth movement, the way Black Fire's body is drawn is also nicely done.

The second scene is a really good angle , but the body position itself mainly with the upper region looks very hung out. That is more so in terms of the head and the neck, feels a little too long. The detail in the penis is extremely nice too. The penetration loop is on point, maybe let the thrust send the fluids in more directions with a bit of a longer fall.

Cute voices too!

Innocentanimation responds:

Big thank you for your comment

Loved it

Innocentanimation responds:

Thank you