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Squarely Jump

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level 5 5 Points

reach level 5

level 10 10 Points

reach level 10

level 15 25 Points

reach level 15

level 20 50 Points

reach level 20

completed 100 Points

reach the last level

level 25 100 Points

reach level 25

Author Comments

Jump as a square over rectangles and reach the goal. This game only use one button.

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I love how the medals were supposed to spell square, but it spells SQUAER.

the medals dont work for me. great game tho

Nice idea of a game here

I really like these types of flash games as they tend to take some time, I thought you showed some good effort and the outcome seems to show off that time and energy put in so props to you there, nice job indeed, There are some areas of improvment and it would really make this an all around flash entry so something to think about there. I really liked the idea for this game it has some interesting things you have to do, it does get hard and the medals are notbad at all.

A splash of color wouldnt hurt on this.


This is an action game that was inspired by Geometry Dash. It only uses one button to jump past obstacles. Graphics are simple, and it could really use more colors than just black and white.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

Easily beatable in under ten minutes. The gameplay is eerily reminiscent of Geometry Dash, except without the limitation of needing to play to a beat... good thing, too, since the buttons aren't immediately responsive after landing, making successive jumps difficult.

There is a minor glitch you can perform to make the game marginally easier on yourself, if you're having trouble clearing more difficult obstacles: you can essentially "super jump" by pressing any two keyboard buttons almost simultaneously (but not exactly at the same time, or they won't both register). In doing so, your square can jump as high as the top of the screen, making any obstacle seem less daunting than it really is.

You can take this one step further by, of course, pressing THREE buttons in extremely rapid succession, causing your square to leap well above the boundaries of the screen. (Be careful in doing this over some moving platforms. Your momentum may end up carrying you right through them.) However, if you can trigger this consistently, you can even clear large gaps such as those in Levels 11 and 12 (with the moving platforms you normally need to land on). It completely trivializes the game once mastered.