Communist Santa

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Santa's preparing his regime for the Eve of Christ, but will he make it?

A cartoon made re-animate style by 7 different animators to tell a series of semi-mediocre satirical hyucks. Enjoy!

Thumbnail/Title Card: https://twitter.com/rapetilia

Special thanks for the emotional support to Madame Morgue, KatieLovely1, ChervoniToro, Stephanie KitriKata, Jesssebes, TheJaunted, NabibbleJr, Wormboy, SofiaArt, and you, the person reading this!

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/iwSGu_U5TM0

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Where is the communist mrs Claws? :P <3

I'm gonna go for parts:
0:49 - They don't look like the're going down the hole, do something more than tween it to go down.
0:56 - What is that water effect? it looks more like an effect for a TV
1:03 - Unnecessary cut, you could just zoom in, and it looks like it was made by the same person but it didn't stay on model.
1:41 - Where did that penguin came from? it just teleported there.
1:51 - The walk cycle is not bad but you just cut from side to frond in one frame, and in the front it looks like he's sliding.
2:08 - What was that? I know that there are more than one animator but why did you cut the're styles on that point were it looks really obvious, you could it cut and change the camera angle or just not cut it there.
2:21 - Just bad walk cycle.
2:51 - Where is the map? seriously, you could just copy/paste what comes after this.

There are other stuff that I didn't mention because it looks like it was made as a joke.

When it comes to the jokes, I didn't laugh at any of them, maybe just some of the gags in the background, and then... it just ends, I didn't understood any of what was happening.


where in the world is the punchline or humor this is just shitty flash animation there's about 2 good parts and there both either a outro or a walk cycle. is this supposed to be a joke if so its not funny.
- love me

mikelzNG responds:

merry christmas?

I get this is your first collab, but man this is just very much not good at all. All the jokes hardly had any thought to them, and were extremely predictable and boring. The pacing is really weird, and it goes on for way too long. There was no pay off at the end, it just goes on and on and then ends. The animation could've been better, although the reanimate style was interesting. The continuity was also non-existent. You guys can do better.

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2.83 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2017
11:59 PM EST
Comedy - Original