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Nymphadora and the Prefects' Bath (Futa) - WIP

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While visiting Hogwarts, Nymphadora Tonks stops by to see Hermione Granger. As the two of them visit the Prefects' bath to unwind, Tonks finds her gaze lingering on the younger woman's body...

Nymphadora Tonks - Alexia

Animatic preview! I am totally in love with this project. :) The artist, Almeri, is currently finishing up a contract and will be back to work on this in February. :D

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Estou na espera

when will this be done?

This was so erotic. I love Tonks seducing her. Would love to see her seduce Luna next. Suck her toes and do all kinds of things with her incredible toungue. Great work

aehentai responds:

I actually wrote up a whole script for Tonks + Luna as one of the sequels to this... but will it ever see the light of day? Who knows...

OMG I loooove this
But I do have some problems:
-more consented the later parts (or consistent emotions)
- Maybe it’s just me or I would like to see more reaction (or a whole segment about) the Harry Potter transformation!
- (maybe do a full animation next on Ginny)
Otherwise I LOVED IT

This will be amazing when it’s finished. Super excited just seeing the wip.