Mario v Sonic: Dawn of CLASH Bros

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This is an early preview of the upcoming Super CLASH Bros. It's still unfinished and a bit glitchy, but it's very playable and fun with a group of friends. It's a party game which answers the age-old question, what if the characters in Smash Bros were kept accurate to their original games?


First announcement video (much earlier build): https://youtu.be/eAuIOKu6b-M

Play the most recent version with more characters and single player: https://gamejolt.com/games/super-clash-bros/336304

You can follow progress on my Discord: https://discord.gg/Djcs4J4‚Äč. If you subscribe to our Youtube channel ( http://youtube.com/JForceGames ), click that bell right after you subscribe so you can be notified of new videos.

Some notes:

Join the Discord if you want to play online.

The downloadable version has better gamepad support and performance.

The default controls are setup so you can play by yourself with a character to each hand. You can change them through the Control Mapper button in the lobby or by pressing escape key or pause key. You should play with a gamepad though, just about every gamepad is supported in the downloadable version.

If you look at all the actions there in the Control Mapper menu you can see what abilities are available to you. Not all characters have all those actions. I'll upload a video guide to our youtube channel soon. http://youtube.com/JForceGames

Bowser is especially unfinished, he can't get items right now and he can't do his shell spin that I showed off in my previous video. I'll add more items/abilities for the other characters too.

Mario/Luigi can get Yoshi via the item bubbles under certain conditions. Yoshi can't eat Bowser. Yoshi tends to cause funny glitches.

Slopes aren't working perfectly yet. And Mario bros can don't have their wall-run animation yet.

Dropping through one-way platforms can be tricky. I'll change this next release. Right now you have to tap jump and immediately press down (Bowser can't do this).

When you die you come back as a ghost. They're not tracked yet by the camera zoomer/positioner, so you won't be able to see the ghosts if they're too far away.

Would love to hear any feedback you have.

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It isn't loading, but judging by the video it's very good.

it game loading forever.

Since I can't get this game running on my computer, I decided to criticize it based on the YouTube video. From the looks of it, it has potential to be a good game. The physics doesn't seem that bad and I really dig the style you're going with. keep it up and you'll see yourself rivaling with SSF2.

JForceGames responds:

Thanks! What OS are you on? You tried desktop version too? I just updated the description here with a correct link to the desktop version.

I can't see Sonic at all, and these controls are horrible. There is no AI to battle against, and none of my friends will play with me because they hate it. The load time is not worth it. I hope this gets better with the future.

JForceGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Is Sonic invisible or something? Could you possibly take a screenshot of that so I can figure it out?

And you can change your controls btw, press the Esc key to open the Control Mapper. Default controls are the best setup for controlling two characters by yourself.

For the full version I'm working on an adventure mode where you can play through remakes/remixes of classic levels, so you won't need people to play with. I really want to add online multiplayer too if there's enough interest.

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Dec 24, 2017
2:04 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler