Make Way For Rapey Jackson

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OK I know it isn't animated but neither was NUMA NUMA and that is one of NG's most famous movies.

The reason I am uploading this here is that it's been removed from everywhere else for being "offensive"

I made this a few years ago.

I took the audio track away from "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson and added my own. This is just a bit of fun. Some MJ fans got quite mad when I originally posted this on Youtube and got it taken down. It's just comedy. Not trying to insult the king of pop!


This is fucking golden.

it's old but nostalgic too

Good sir, this is a grant work of art.

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I think Michael Jackson rape jokes are old. Then again, this wasn't with little boys. I guess it was unique. With the Weinstein effect, Michael Jackson is one of the least awful offenders out there. He's been dead for a long time too. Wait, so it's okay to make fun of him?

You should have used Bill Cosby. or Jared or said Weinstein or basically any other celebrity. Still, he does technically have more than the average celebrity. "Numa Numa Dance" was taken off unfortunately. I guess the lip sync was pretty good. It just wasn't that much of a joke.

Freakin' hilarious! Clever lip sync action, and all the humps and overly creepy tone of the original material helps as well. I don't mean to go all full white knight SJW here (I despise those people), but videos like this are great because they simultaneously mock AND bring to light just how sick society is. The games we play when trying to get a mate. A lot of guys are clingy and pushy like this. And while she's just not having it....he's not taking no for an answer. Because that's the "manly" thing to do. Fight for what you want. Be persistent. Be a MAN! She'll submit eventually. Maybe even be flattered by your pushiness! So you can get dat sweet pussiness! What!? SHAMONE! EEE heee!!!! *grabs crotch and begins to pulsate*

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