Sexy Exile - Prologue / X-Mode Demo (v0.1.31)

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ATTENTION Internet Explorer Users!
We are aware of a number of bugs when playing especially regarding/triggered by audio playback and pausing which can lead to very messy item spawns. At the moment, we don't have the time to fix this demo as we're working on bigger things, so we advise you to play in a different browser.

UPDATE v0.1.31:
- fixed a sound-related problem that has arisen in new chrome versions which could lead to missing audio and eventually freezing

UPDATE v0.1.3:
- fixed speed issues on displays with more than 60hz
- fixed randomly missing moaning sounds
- fixed bug that prevented combo messages from appearing
- more minor physics tweaks

UPDATE v0.1.2:
- major performance optimizations
- added tips to get the best performance
- you can now retry stage 2 once before restarting from stage 1
- minor adjustments of physics to further prevent overshooting

UPDATE v0.1.13:
Increased responsiveness of controls, the ball will now react quicker and stronger right after clicking. Made some minor adjustments to keep overshooting down at the same time. In general, this should give more time to react while just making it a tiny bit more challenging to keep the momentum in control in exchange.
Also tweaked the second stage just a little with additional ice cubes.


"You are quite a popular inhabitant of paradise, where you lead the life of a king. Well, maybe there is one little thing missing: Lately, the worldly pleasures of the flesh had become increasingly tempting to you - despite not exactly being a divine trait.

Maybe you shouldn't have picked the bosses favorite angel though... "

Sexy Exile gives you the opportunity to date lots of hot girls and - if you're doing it right - make sweet love to them!


Hey everybody, this is Cucu & Zanzo. We are Peachaboo and we strive to create sexy and high-end 18+ adult games with fresh ideas.

Sexy Exile is our first big project and we are very happy to show you the first results of our long and hard work with this release. It's the prologue to our game and includes a full encounter in our arcade-style XXX Mode and a short Tutorial as well as a few story sequences to get things going.

With the help of our patrons (thanks a ton <3), we are currently working on our second core mode which is Date Mode, where you can get to know the girls and their stories in a fun blend of card and board game elements. Sexy Exile will be available for free.

We hope you enjoy our game so far. In any case, we would be thrilled to hear your feedback and hope you'll leave us a kind rating or maybe even consider supporting us in making Sexy Exile.

Read more about us, our game and our plans on our Patreon page:

Cucu & Zanzo



-The support for HTML5 WebGL is TERRIBLE on most mobile devices which can make for low frame rates, lags, and bad controls

- For most people, the game runs best in chrome. Also, closing tabs, especially heavy stuff like facebook or youtube helps with performance.
If you encounter any other problems, please open the console (strg+shift+i in chrome) and copy the messages.

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good gameeeeeeee

I just wanna know if how to get access to the full game? or is it still in progress, because this game is soooooo good the arts, the music and the story is interesting and not to mention the gameplay is pretty fun. I'm excited to get my hands on the full version. though it's pretty buggy, but I get it because it's the demo version....

Peachaboo responds:

It is still in progress. You can follow us on here, twitter or patreon to get the occasional update and to not miss the release. Thanks a lot for the kind words!

Solid game, however, I have managed to come across a bug that I can't escape from without deleting the cookies. After I finish the first stage, then the entirety of the second stage is compressed together and then I'm stuck on an infinite loop of nothing where I am left with nothing but to admire the animation. The animation is great, but that game breaking glitch sucks.

Peachaboo responds:

Hey, we know about this bug but it is extremely difficult to reproduce and expecially to fix since it seems to be a bug in the framework we're using. We won't get around to fix it in this version, but the final release - which we are working towards right now - will not have it as it will use a different engine and a slightly different technical approach.

great game, love the art etc. game is challenging but not so much that you can't enjoy the effects

It's the pornographic flappy bird from resurrected from hell.
I enjoyed it, at times... the hitboxes can be little troublesome, and some of the paths will break your combo simply because you don't have the entire level memorized. Eg if you didn't make it up to the platform at the top, you miss the only heart on screen.That's a pain.
The effect when you can no longer "jump" is annoying as all hell too, seems like it still has juice left, but while you're falling it will break the combo.

Peachaboo responds:

Hey there, sorry for the late response! I'm happy to tell you that we have refined the gameplay and mechanics quite a bit since this demo and the problems you mention will not be in the final release (which we are working towards). Thanks for your rating and the constructive criticism!

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3.76 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2017
5:31 PM EST
Skill - Collect