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Sperm Wars

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Life is short. Be silly. And when enemy sperm invade your home - KILL EM ALL!

WASD - move
LMB - Fire
RMB - Teleport
spacebar - volley
Z - spawn zygote
SHIFT - timestop

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fun game

The color choices and overall design make it very difficult to know what's happening on the screen. Screen shaking when firing compounds the problem drastically. There is no indication of what "cum streak" and "DNA" mean and your health is displayed in such a way as to make it hard to keep track of while also keeping track of what you are doing. WASD with a mouse aiming is a piss poor way to implement twin-stick style shooters , especially when my mouse didn't track properly to the game screen.

First off its hard to distinguish yourself from the enemy

At first I thought I was the dick

What is the end goal? I wasn't really sure all I was doing was killing the other white things.
Also found myself clicking outside the box multiple times. So maybe controlling with the mouse isn't the best option.

Also there's really nothing adult about this game other than you are sperm and the dick that keeps coming into frame you could have changed this to be any kind of regular game on this site.

You actually didn't put the move instructions on screen I had to look into your author comments to find those out. A few too many control options imo for this type of game.

So I mean I don't know how to make it better but it just feels unpolished. Most games are not the best polished on this site but at the same time it feels a bit harder than that.

Not boring but horrible. I can't tell what's going on in the game. But somehow It was alright.