PB 8 : Lara Croft

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Porn Bastards episode 8 : classic style Lara Croft is trapped in the middle of a wild jungle! Oh my!
Direct v1.3.b this time around! All PB episodes got regular updates since first release on MSG, so they are getting outdated here on NG, but anyway, enjoy the pleasure at hand!
Have fun, have kink, have sex!

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wished you could fuck her feet

came to see what mattisgames got new then heard them sweet strings i didnt even bother hitting start just starting bobbing head and turning up the volume and Played wing of Vi( a very challenging and rage induce game) i beaten the first and 2nd level thanks to this song :)

mattisgames responds:

Be sure to suggest me other insanely good songs or artists to share!
I was so happy to discover cashmere cat or other artists, thanks to people suggestion!

Good luck on Wing of Vi! I personnally try to finish even a single run on Death Road to Canada, we sure do love our little challenge games from time to time!

Mattis can always be relied upon for quality. This is a very simple strip-and-fuck sequence (without options) that "does its job". The artwork is decently indecent, the dialogue "exotically weird", but in a good way.

Mattis has done more elaborate and satisfying stuff than this - check out his portfolio - but this is fine within its obvious limitations.

mattisgames responds:

Thanks for this honest feedback! ;)
PBs are indeed small games, done despite a lot of various limitations, and upon players wishes and suggestions.

Regarding my english writing level, it's a weak point.
Countless people publicly offered to help on that, through the years.
I always gladly accepted, I'm all for improvements, and tried to get in touch with all of them.
None followed-up on it. :/
My personnal best and progress can only go so far, without anyone to explain me what I'm doing wrong in my writings, what are the typos, and how could it get better. :/
But we'll get there, eventually!

seriously this game is on to many sites

Not bad) Can't miss a sexy game with Lara Croft, yes.