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Download & Play:

thePriestess - PC

thePriestess - MAC

Flash is gone :( but you can download and play the game via the links above ;)

PS if the download doesn't start it might be Chrome blocking you. Open the link in a new window or try another browser.

. It features a large variety of options and scenes as well as 4 different clickable hotspots on the girl's body (covered boobs, grabbed left boob and grabbed right boob, pussy).

. It comes with a brand new set of sound effects.

. It offers 17 different camera views, some of which are automatically directed by the game's coding for extra visual impact.

. It is formed by several models working in "backstage" synchronicity (like the completely different face designs, boob designs etc).

. It showcases a bunch of new design approaches, such as the way we designed the cum, the dozen separate but coordinated pussy components etc.

. It offers a very detailed model design and very detailed animations.

. It includes both cut-scene animations and internal dialogues.

. A new generation menu system had to be created to allow for both the way the scene flows and supporting such a great number of different options.

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why did this remind me of when jenna marbles was like 'all yall ladies can't pop your pussy like this. Shake ya body, don't poop don't piss.'

i want the full version but it still ok. in the newgrounds player the only button that works is the one who all used lol


Sorry but I don't understand what you mean. This is the full version.
Anyway, thank you for the great rating, glad you like this scene ;)

so I looked through the credits of the main game, and listened to every song and was unable to find this one. just wanted to mention this


Hi Llama,
thanks for checking out our work and many thanks for the awesome 5 stars! Much appreciated.
Also thanks for reporting that, will check and update credits list if necessary.
The song is : Haru Pequeña Cloud - Polar Thoughts
Cheers ;)

This bitch creepy.


Thanks for the awesome rating Scorpy ;)

The game is fine, good art and good animations, although I liked being able to move between the scenes, that is, from the fuck you could return to the blowjob and the other scene


Hi Nikola,
thanks for the great rating and your review.
Yes in this one we didn't introduce that function, mainly due to the story which is linear and once the 2 guys leave only Red (aka Lust) remains. That said, we still could have put that function in, in spite of the story and just because. Thanks for your feedback we will keep it in mind for future productions.