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Crypt Shyfter: Colossus

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Makkana, fellow badasses!

A brand new adventure awaits. If you're an old timer who's been here since the beginning, welcome back! And if you're one of the new kids on the block, it's nice to meet ya! I'm KungFuSpaceBarbarian and I make games like this.

The comments section is a great way to interact with me and influence the direction of future games. It's also the perfect spot to point out misspellings and goofs in the game- I try my best to ensure these adventures are bug-free before posting them, but sometimes I miss things- what can I say, I'm a pea-brained barbarian! You're probably surprised these adventures aren't written in cave paintings. Come to think of it, that would be kinda cool...

Anyway, by pointing out my unforgivable mistakes, you can help ensure that the badasses following in your footsteps experience a much smoother adventure. I fix all mistakes as soon as they're identified, so don't hold back!

Reader input has driven this series from the start, so feel free to share your thoughts below! I try to respond to every single comment so please know that your words hold weight! Without you, I wouldn't have a reason to write these adventures- if something bothers you or tickles your fancy, let me know so I can adjust future adventures accordingly.

I hope you all enjoy reading/playing Crypt Shyfter: Colossus as much as I enjoyed writing it. See ya next month with another exciting adventure!

PS. Happy Robot Day!

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I'm baaaack

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

let the dancing begin!!

Everything about this game was perfect. I never thought I'd get myself into a threesome but hey, I'm not surprised at the same time!

5/5 for turning me into a SexySpaceBarbarian!

Amazing as always,

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KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

you are the sexiest of the space barbarians, Demetrios ;)

Love these! Keep up the good work my fellow dev!!

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KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

thanks! :D

Whelp, my first try into this one and I died... that's a welcome change! This game, with a nice change of pace from the previous installments, gives more challenge to the series, which previously was like a Telltale game (except good *Shots fired*). Now that there's more opportunities of death, failure, etc., this story feels more like an adventure rather than a sequence, albeit the sequence was fulfilling and satisfying.

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KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

glad you liked the change! i just posted the early access version of Rebellion this morning: https://kungfuspacebarbarian.newgrounds.com/news/post/1003752

Ha! So you did finally make a game again where the players must be attentive or they may lose. Good!

These situations when you must be careful not to make make dumb choices like tasting awful alien food or not escaping trough portal from enemies obviously out of your league or just not eating your pizza when health closes to zero are what makes the game for me. The player then feels that he has achieved something if he sees which choices lead to good result and which lead to death or loss. A victory without any challenge feels hollow.

I am not too happy about option to skip fights, you talk a lot about badassery in your games, but still leave this pussy pass in your game, that feel incoherent and sleazy. I don't think that the fights are that hard that thy needed skipping and I think any player could get past them, there is a way to rewind back in your engine after all.

I am also not too happy about the silly lines during fights, would prefer something that doesn't ruin the immersion.

In the combat mechanics, the Acid Bombs became too weak in proportion to regular attack too soon as your basic attack increased in power. Since Acid Bombs are limited they should always be more powerful, with perhaps the basic axe attack reaching close to their level only in the very end of game if all power-up situations are used. It should be so made that a player must be smart about when to use and when to spare an acid bomb. In this game the vampire beast as the most common enemy would be something where acid bombs could be spared while when You come up against the Shyfters they should be used as his HP is higher and attacks do more damage.

I think that players HP should be visible also outside of combat situations and an option to check inventory and eat a pizza should be available outside combat. It's stupid that a Hero surviving a battle with 4hp (less then 20% from max hp) walks around and waits to eat and recover until the start of next battle only.

Good job on multiple background music tracks. The default track was too fast for a text based game and would fit a game based on reflexes instead, so the default track could be something more peaceful. Not a big issue however since you can change them, but I imagine some players might discover it too late.

As far as story telling goes my favorite moment was when the hero got trapped in cage with the beast, it was a really good written cinematic event. The sex scene was ridiculous but it's nice that it was there and it's defiantly one of the best examples on how sometimes a story without art and pictures is for the best because if these alien women would be drawn it would most likely ruin the imagination where each player can imagine this in a way he likes it the best. Most of the story is decently written, full of standard tropes of course, but they are generally cool tropes we all love. The escape trough a portal to unknown place is something of a trope of your own, I remember it in in your animated CryptShyfter series, which you sadly didn't finish.

I think that the game ended too soon. The big choice in the end about who survives or dies and how could be used to decide the outcome of one additional short chapter. I would suggest that if you escape with starship you can chase the escaping Lord of the Tower(was it Spire?) and do the final battle. Then the outcome could depend on whom you let survive with parachute. If it's Starwisp the warrior then she comes and rescues you as the warrior she is and you beat up the villain together. If it's Vulma the the protocol alien (female biological form of 3CPO is as I imagined her from the moment she told she knows 1 billion lifeforms) then you are left alone and the villain kills you (maybe you both die), but since you had sex with her and finished in her she miraculously despite apparent incompatibility gives birth to your son who is a human alien hybrid and one of the most powerful beings in universe and becomes savior of all life against Shyfters. That would have been a cool ending. Don't leave choices without consequences, by a rushed ending.

So a good job on finally returning to a system where choices matter, but the combat mechanics and a few other things could have been more polished.

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KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Cool, thanks for the review! I like your theories for future games and I certainly haven't ruled out the possibility of your children coming into play ;)

I'll fix up the battle mechanics for the next adventure and take out the skippable fights. I agree that mechanic is kinda lame, though you don't get any bonuses for skipping a fight, so if you skip two early fights and try to jump in later then you'll get your ass handed to you since your attack is still wimpy as hell. Thanks again for playing and sharing your thoughts Mr Magoo

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