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Starfreaks: Starwisp

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Sword & Planet

Space vampires? Dimensional portals? Ancient gods and forgotten worlds? This episode of Starfreaks is sure to be one you won't want to miss!

Cover art by BONESofBURIED

**Updated 12/21/2020

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As always, a very enjoyable choose-your-path text adventure. Too short this time, and I don't understand why Zalbreak couldn't just teleport away from the tower while Starwisp and I use the parachute and starship, otherwise I would have given the story a full 5 points.

Starfreaks responds:

you caught me in a goof! what a silly pea-brained barbarian i am.. :/

AWESOME! This is the second game I've played that was made by you. Once again simply awesome. The tracks are great too.

Starfreaks responds:

Glad to hear you're enjoying them, fellow badass! Now go forth and kick more Shyfter ass!!!

I see a connection to rebelion here

Starfreaks responds:

Good eye ;)

My favorite thing on Newgrounds and possibly the Internet. So much fun. Still, less elaborate and diverse then some of the earlier games (the one where a Shyfter and I killed God comes to mind). Getting lazy on us? ;)

Starfreaks responds:

I might be :p

Hopefully I'll have a new one posted soon

I'm baaaack

Starfreaks responds:

let the dancing begin!!