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Jazzy Beats

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Made for Ludum Dare 40

Reach the peak of idol stardom! Your rival is sending up her fans to beat you up push you out of the industry. What can you do? Well, punch them so hard they become your fans.

Play as Jazzchan, the idol whose music mesmerizes the masses, and compete against Bluessom in an idol fight of which the world has never heard before! Defend yourself and turn Bluessom’s fans against her with the power of your music (and fists). She’ll do the same, so keep going until one of you goes down. The more fans you have, the worse it’ll be for your rival!

But just don’t beat up each other directly, okay? That’s unprofessional.

(Version 1.0B0 - 05 December 2017)



  • Combo-additive fighting mechanics. Punch, kick and play jazz to convert your enemy’s fans into yours!
  • You can’t fight your rival directly. But don’t worry. Your fans will do the heavy lifting!
  • Your fans are not very loyal though. Be prepared to beat some sense into them again when your rival takes them back.
  • How far can you get that combo counter?



  • Play with your keyboard or with a controller. The following mapping applies to Xbox controllers, although most controllers are supported!
  • Arrow keys or Left Stick to move.
  • Punch with Q on a keyboard or A on controller.
  • Kick with W on a keyboard or X on a controller.
  • Trumpet ranged attack with E on a keyboard or B on a controller.
  • Ultimate Sax Drop with R on a keyboard or Y on a controller.



Created, Developed & Presented by Whales And Games

Development Team

  • Programmer – JorgeGameDev (Twitter)
  • Graphics Designer – Moski (Twitter)
  • Audio Composer - RobinhoodPT (Twitter)

Special Thanks

  • Ludum Dare Community
  • Westmeath font - Twicolabs Fontdation
  • Rewired Unity Input Wrapper - Guavaman Enterprises
  • UI Outline Scripts - Melang (Unity Forums)
  • Freesound.org - Royalty Free Sound Effects


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The graphics, animation, music and concept of this game are excellent, but gameplay is rather simplistic and the game is short.

I beat this game from the first try and I think it was too simple.

Basically everything is just for the show but the "R" attack, the mass conversion trough saxophone. You can go and beat up some random people at your leisure, fists are your best friends, kicks are ok, but the ranged attack is useless when the crowd gets bigger then a few people. But it's all just for the show, all you really need to do is set a big crowd on your rival with mass converting them with the R mass attack once the crowd is big enough. Your rival will convert the crowd with the R mass are attack as soon as her cooldown expires, you must convert the crowd immediately after that and set it on her to let the crowd beat her while she is on cooldown. If she converts just after your attack just lead the crowd around the map without using the mass conversion until the cooldown passes lead crowd to her, let her waste her mass conversion, then use your own. That's all, very easy to win this game in a couple of seconds, even if she has everyone blue on the field.

For all the cool music and great animation and big work that I suppose went into this game, it really offers just 5 minutes of fun once you realize this tactic and then there is no challenge anymore.

WhalesAndGames responds:

Likewise to Colossorama, thank you for your in-depth review! Unfortunately the game suffers being simplistic and short partly due to the tight time-limit it had to be developed under (which was developed as part of the Ludum Dare where the challenge is precisely to develop a game in 72 hours) but if we have the opportunity in the future to expand it, we'll definitely go for it!

The points you've mentioned in regards to the Ultimate Sax Drop and the Ranged Attack were points that many of the players which played our game during the jam have exactly pointed out, and they could definitely use some rebalancing and tweaking to become more fair abilities in the overall picture (and not overshadow the others). Rethinking those abilities is definitely on our wishlist when it comes to this game.

Once again, thank you for the feedback, and even if the gameplay felt a bit short, we're really glad that you liked the music and animation, as both the artist and the music composer really gave their best! Thank you!

add more to game + price tag + on steam + multiplayer = profit

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thank you for your review! What kind of stuff would you add to the game if you were to make a full-fledged version for Steam?

It's a great concept. I would say that expanding this game with better combos, abilities, more characters, etc will make a great candidate for a more fuller game experience. Good luck dudes!

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thank you for your review and we're glad that you liked the concept! After all the feedback we've been getting with this Ludum Dare, we have our minds full of different ideas, concepts and characters that we'd totally love to implement if we get the opportunity too!

Have some ideas for some of those things you suggested? We'd love to read some ideas if you have anything in mind! Thank you once again!

It's probably not fair to this review that I don't like brawlers. At all. I think they have the ugliest movement and location mechanic ever to exist in video games and it's mind blowing to me that more people aren't able to see that.

That said, I've played some that help me forgive the medium to an extent. This is not one of them. It felt slow and clunky and the art style just felt.. uninspired to me. Actually that's not the right word. It was cohesive and somewhat unique so it was probably inspired. It was just uninteresting. Drab on the eyes. Not pleasant to look at. Not exactly unpleasant but I want a feast for the eyes always in any game I give my time to. That is an important requirement that any serious gamer should have.

I'm giving it a 3 because it seems functional and for the minute or less I played it, polished enough to not have any noticeable bugs.

If I loved brawlers it would probably be a 3.5 and if I loved something specific about this art or music theme, a 4.

If you work hard and improve your art creativity and pick a better less flawed genre and make something really original and fun, a 4.5 might be possible for you.

For a game to get a 5 from me.. well don't worry about that. That's not a realm of excellence you will likely ever reach.

WhalesAndGames responds:

Don't worry, we completely understand that not all genres are always everyone's cup of tea, and we're glad to have different people with different tastes telling us their feedback in regards to what they think of the game. The same thing can be said in regards to the art style. Some people love it, some people also didn't like it. It's part of the reason why we like to try and use different art styles for the different games we make, to experiment, and that's one of the cores that defines us.

We love to experiment with different concepts and genres, for us, that's makes game development and design a great learning experience is exactly toying around with different sets of mechanics and use opportunities such as Ludum Dare to experiment and see the type of results we can get. Some will feel short-handed, others might feel more polished, but our enjoyment for game development comes from the opportunity to get out there and do different things.

As for this game in specific, there's definitely some pacing issues as well as a lot of flavor and tweaking that we felt could be added in after LD's judging period is over and will definitely polish it in the future if we get the chance. It's not a perfect game by any means and, as we've said on the previous paragraph, part of the reason we enjoy what we do is exactly the opportunity to improve on what we do as we receive feedback further and back.

Thank you for your review!

I love the art, the music is perfect, and the gameplay is a lot of fun. My only complaint is that it's far too short.

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thank you, and we're glad you had a sea of fun with it! We're also not satisfied that the game is as short as it currently is, but given the Ludum Dare time limit, we're still satisfied with the results we've got so far.

If we have the opportunity, we're definitely going to make it a longer and more fleshed out experience. Thank you for your review!